Tuesday, 4 November 2008

home again~

hey there everyone~
i'm home again around this timing after school.


cause dann is having a run with his colleagues.
so there goes our (i supposed so) initial plan of just watching hot shot at dann's place again.

it's the 2nd tuesday that we didnt get to just stay home and watch hot shot.
and as last week dann was so busy every other days after work too,
we have yet to watch episode 14.

i got a feeling we wont be watch it this week either...
so i really wonder when are we even able to finish the series,
the 2 episodes that we have not watch
and still staying in my lappy
and the other 3 episodes that has yet to be shown in taiwan.

kinda think of it,
i waste all my effort actually spending time to sort out my files in my handphone
and transfered more than three-quarter of my files to my lappy last night
just so that i can transfer hot shot episode 14 into my handphone
as i do not have any other storage devices.

and on my way back,
i'm thinking,
should i just forget about the whole thing
that i want to start dressing nicely
even if i'm going to school?
at least i'll look alright if i were to go out after school
especially when i'm going out with people who are important to me.

but then again...
should i?

i dressed nicely to school today,
wore skirt,
wore heels,
took time to ensure i have nicer hair for the day,
all because i thought my plan will go well,
finally we'll have a tuesday night together again.

but i ended up receiving a sms,
saying that he's running with his colleagues
and say meet me tomorrow.

too bad i guess.
cause i've already promised my dad dinner tomorrow.

and then again,
things may just come up last minute.

get stuff for field trip?
maybe another run?
or simply extended work.

i just hope to have a normal day.
cause even weekends we dont get to just relax at home.

there's like always things on saturdays,
and there IS always things on sundays.

i wonder where did the "then tuesday night lor" went to...

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