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Japan Trip - Day 3

Yeah! I finally have the time to edit and blog about my Japan trip at last! Sorry for such LONG~ delay!

So on the 15 August 2009, Saturday, was my 3rd day in Tokyo of my Birthday trip to Japan!

This is my breakfast that morning -- メロン パン (melon bun)

そのパンの中に 甘いの クリームがありました。

After breakfast in the apartment, we set off to 浅草 Asakusa!

On our way when we were changing trains, we saw this really cute Bento shop!

Just look at the number of Bento(s) they have available! And that was not all lor~

I bought a おにぎり (rice ball) but ended up switching with my dad cos he bought a bento with beef in it. He don't eat beef due to religion.

So this became my 2nd breakfast...

and my dad ended up eating my onigiri.

And here we are at 浅草!

Look at all the cute jappy guys waiting~

if I had to pick one of them to literally pull me around, I really don't know how to choose sia~ But some really looked seriously young like maybe in their highschool years? Which may be like 1 or 2 years younger than me lor~!

Oh well, not ALL of them are young and those cutie type alright~

And there we were at the famous temple in 浅草! OK... not yet...


Ok. My dad took plenty of photos here BUT I have not gotten the photos from Raymond so.. heehee... sorry... all the photos taken by my Dad throughout the whole trip still not with me. すみません。 More photos will up be I promise!

So here are some photos I took on our way in towards the temple itself!

And yes, it was SUPER crowded lah! HUMAN SARDINE!!!

Traditional Jappy stuff for you?

Any fans or うちわ for the hot summer weather?

And finally...

TADA!!! We're almost there!!!

Food stalls along the way~

Yeah! We're there!!!

Look at the HUGE sandals hanging on the temple's door! There's one on each side!

So while my dad and stepmom went in to the temple to pray and stuff, Auntie Audrey and I went to get some shaved ice!

I helped Auntie Audrey to order 桃 (peach) flavored shaved ice

And got ソーダ(soda) flavoured shaved ice for myself!

SO Auntie Audrey and I ate our shaved ice while waiting for my dad and stepmom to fnish with whatever they had to do. And when we're done, it was already time to go for lunch!

And I saw this on our way out...

ア~ ドラえもんと Hello Kittyの 人形焼! とっても可愛いですよね~。


"red bean" fishy shop~ hahaha... If you know what I mean...

My stepmom and Auntie Audrey shared one. Can't remember what flavor was it already. Oh well, I only know that it's a flavor that Singapore doesn't have alright~

And so was mine!

I got this Summer Special Cold fishy and what's the filling?

Icy cold custard with strwberry chocolate on the outside!

*I think Yvonne is jealous of me now cos of the strawberry*

Next we went to this family restaurant that's just beside the fishy pancake stall.

It was really packed that day so we waited for a seat while wating our fishy pancakes! heehee... and also see all the cutie Jappy guys around. =P

After around 10mins or so, we finally got a table! Yippe!

We had to put our shoes into the lockers and that was my "key" to the locker!

My stepmom and dad! hahaha...

And here's my assorted sushi set! Auntie Audrey ordered the same sushi set, too!

Our sushi set comes with this cute clear soup! 可愛いね~
でも、 ちっと 美味しくなかったね~

While we were eating, we heard music coming from downstairs and below was what's happening along the streets.

Pretties in bikinis dancing along the street!

私の すしを 全部を 食べました!
おっても 美味しかったです。

My dad didn't finish his food~ tsk tsk tsk~

Then still give that innocent face~ tsk tsk tsk~

After lunch, i waited outside of the restaurant while my stepmom settled the bill. Guess what I saw?

This uncle super zai right~?

Next, we went to 秋葉原(Akihabara). To many it may be some anime wonderland (or just simple 変態 hentai wonderland). To the folks, it was just electronics wonderland.

So here we were at よどばし(Yodobashi), after meeting Auntie Agnes at 秋葉原 train station, a 8 levels high electronics store. Well, there's more than just electronics, too.

可愛い girl in 浴衣 and かっこいい Smap hanging on the wall!

And also... Huge 木村 拓哉 Kimura Takuya's poster hanging around~

So within that half an hour where I was allowed to go free, I looked around every single floor and even went to the huge record shop and book store at level 7 (I think).

嵐(ARASHI) and Gackt!!!

And ガンダーム(Gundam)!!!!!

Next at the video store...

Cute Dragon Ball hanging mobile~!


So after my dad got his toilet bowl cover (Yes! He went all the way the よどばし to get his toilet bowl cover!), we went for a little break at the cafe just outside よどばし.

I was shocked when i saw the scene in the photo below!

That bunch of お宅(s) took up like half a wall of the よどばし building itself lah! It was a SUPER HUGE group! There were even policemen around the make sure that everything is fine!

So here's some of the food items that are sold the at that small cafe. Seriously everything looks really nice but I just wasn't in the mood to eat anything.

Camwhored while waiting for my stepmom and Auntie Agnes to get us all our snacks!

This is how the レモン パン there looks like. Super creamy with melon chunks in it!

My apple tea. Super yummilicious!

Here's my dad with his half-eaten sandwich toast. LOL

After our little tea break, I had one and a half hours free on my own around 秋葉原! wahahaha!!!

Ok. I was expecting lots of anime stuff for me to see and actually thought thatI may get some stuff but, neh~. I went back empty handed EXCEPT snapping photos lah~ heehee...


Ok. I didn't just walk along the road, I walked into the small streets okay~

And yup, there's cyo kawaii maid along the street giving out flyers and stuff.

Okay... this maid actually looks quite pretty but I just didn't dare to go up and take a photo of her right in front of her. So... sorry ar~ only back view. She is also quite tall. Taller than me~ ='(

I didn't actually stay along the small streets for long as stuff are just mainly hentai stuff. I did see some normal stuff and was super tempted to get the Ranka card holder but just couldn't bear spending more than $15 SGD on that thing!

Some building along the main road including that 5 levels high arcade! See the SEGA there?!

I went in to some arcades at that area too but I didn't stay for long either. All Otaku(s) and I was like ALL ALONE! Tsk tsk tsk, dangerous ar~

ok.. for the next few photos, I shall not give comments for every single one of them. Nothing much to say~ I shall let the photos do the blogging.

Pachinko anyone?

The window display of what I call it, Otaku's music records store.

Why? Cos ALL CDs that you find in there are ALL ANIME related ones! You can't find a single anime non-related CD in there okay~

So after looking around, the sun had already set and I went to the 7-11 just across よどばし and got a drink for myself.

Just look! Even the items in 秋葉原's 7-11 are so anime-ish!

My red tea. Not very sweet. Good~

So I met up with the folks and I saw this just before we left the place for dinner.


So there we were back at Tokyo Dome area

Can't remember which station already alright~ =P

We walked back to Auntie Agnes's apartment first where my dad dropped off his toilet bowl cover in Auntie Agnes's car first and of course, met up with Auntie Agnes's husband, Maizawa-san.

We went to a cosy restaurant another 7 mins walk away from Auntie Agnes's place.

Yummy salad!!!

Ok... I didn't take photo of every single dish one by one as I felt that it may be quite rude as Maizawa was the host and blah blah blah~ His face like changed when my dad asked me why I didn't take photo for every single dish lah~

So... in general... we had...

All these above. LOL

After dinner, we walked back to Auntie Agnes's place and she sent us back to our apartment. Not very far lah.. but the toilet bowl cover is super heavy...!

And now I'm gonna show you what Auntie Audrey bought for her friend's son (I think... if I didn't remember wrongly).

RANKA THUMBDRIVE!!! I was like super tempted to buy one for myself also BUT it's like super expensive lah~ hmm... should have just gotten the sushi one! =P

Although it's not mine, I asked Auntie Audrey if I could take some photos with it as I cosplayed that character before. i then showed her and my stepmom the photo of me as Ranka that's my mobile's wallpaper. hahaha...

Oki! that's all! Ranka's saying byebye loh~


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