Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hong Kong Trip 2012 - Day 7


Hi everyone!

Yeah! Day 7 of my Hong Kong trip!
The second last day!

Outfit of the day:
Top - Bought in Mongkok area
Cardigan - Uniqlo
Bottoms - Lowrys Farm
Shoes - Native

Looking back at this photo made me miss my apricot hair lots!
Love the colour of it after it faded!

Pretty, right?

Anyways, so here's the leopard print pants that I've been wearing recently.

It's really very comfortable!

I'm still thinking of getting another pair of Pants Leggings from Lowrys Farm but I just can't decide whether to get a plain one or printed one.

Argh~ Fustrating!!! LOL

So bf and I met up with Fook Yu for a little shopping before we settled down for lunch at BigPack, a German Western Restaurant.

*I wanted Hong Kong style food, but.. oh well... *

I really like the whole theme and decor of the place.

Cosy~ Hahaha!

Ok. Did not camwhore much during the trip so I took some photo while waiting for our food!

And soon, food was served!

My Ice Lemon Tea that came with my meal

Soup of the Day served with bread

Sausages for us to share

Bf's Duck!


Super delicious! They cooked the duck soooo good that it just literally melts in your mouth!

Fook Yu's pasta

Seriously super nice! Yummy!!!

My Squid Ink Pasta.

Super awesome!!!

Oh gosh~ Just thinking back on the taste made me drool!

Dessert, cheesecake!

OMG! This cheesecake is sooo nice that it's totally worth a whole day's of calories on it!

If you're interested and going Hong Kong, why not go there for a meal?

派格餐廳 Bigpack Cafe
地址 : 旺角花園街76A號3樓
(Bigpack Cafe 3/F, 76A Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok)

It's pretty easy to spot as just below the restaurant, it's a 3-level Nike shop!

So after lunch, we headed to the arcade where it was like a routine have-to-go place for Fook Yu and my bf?

Oh well... What to do? I'm the only one that feels Singaporean in Hong Kong when I'm with them!

Fook Yu giving her skills to a test to see if she could catch a Doraemon for me!

So nice right? (*^^*)

And yea! I managed to make the 2 of them take Purikura with me!


Next! Followed by more and more and more and more shopping!!!

Double-Park, where you could get quite a huge range of Street Wear Brands' items!

Bought a top from there but so far I only wore it.. once? =X

So wanted to get a Simpsons tee BUT it's super expensive!

Bought from Japanese Brands' socks from a warehouse sale

Authentic MURUA Pearl Fake Collar for like only $10SGD?!

*call me lucky oh~*

My cute backpack from the arcade building?

Ok. Seriously am super lost. Just followed the people yo~


After shopping, we were all really tired so we headed back to my hotel to get some rest.

In the evening, Fook Yu went home while bf and I went to our friend's house for dinner!

And here's all the mouth-watering food that my friend's dad prepared for us!

*Please forgive me for the bad quality photos as they were taken with my phone then*

*I don't know why but I just feel that whenever I've having a meal with elders, it's not polite to just snap snap snap photos*

*PS. I passed my bf my phone to take the photos*
*So technically, I'm not being impolite!*

HUGE scallop!

SEE! I already ate half of it and it still is able to block out my eye!

Oki! That's all for Day 7!

Now for question time for the FairyTale Hello Kitty Giving!

Question: Which is the very first FairyTale Hello Kitty I bought during my trip?
A) Little Red Riding Hood
B) Ugly Duckling
C) Frog Prince
D) Lion from Wizard of Oz

Please leave a comment with your answer and email address!
I will randomly pick one reader with the correct answer as the winner!

Winner will be announced in my blog post for Day 8 of my HK Trip!
So you have till the blog post is up to send in your answers!

Good luck everyone!


Beauty Challenge!


Hi everyone!

Remember I posted about the beauty challenge organised by SkinHub?

Guess what?!

They extended the recuitment date till the end of this month, 30 November!

That's only a few days away!

By registering with ME! You actually get pirioty queue for this Beauty Challenge!
So register now!


Sign up now!

Previous post with more details: http://quentria.blogspot.sg/2012/10/flaunt-like-shooting-star-beauty.html

Friday, 23 November 2012

Random: Work life

Random Daily Stuff

Hi everyone!

Ok~ I know I do not blog about my work (almost at all) and many people have been asking me where do I work and stuff like that.

Well.. No I will not annouce where am I working at.
If you see me at my workplace, I will not deny working there.

So yup!

My normal work makeup-look recently.

I've been getting really tired as I'm busy with work and etc etc etc.
Even most of my off-dayas from work are spent on events and stuff.
Rarely do I even have the chance to sleep in!

So yes! I just skip putting on falsies when I go to work unless I woke up early and am super in the mood that day.

Just like a few weeks ago! I did proper Gyaru make! LOL

Photo taken with Jezemine!

And these few days, I've started posting photos on GifYo.com again!

Oh ya! If you have an account on GifYo.com, follow me!!!
My username is Tsuriki! Heehee~

Just me and Jezemine

Add on Shu Zhen

Add on Shirley today!

*Oki. The .gif today was not saved properly thus not making any sense*

I just wanna say I'm really glad doing what I'm doing now, working at my workplace now even though many of my relatives seriously do not like me working here, even my dad.

But as or current, I really treasure all my colleagues and I must say that I am working very happily with (almost) everyone!

*ahem* There's always someone somewhere everyone dislikes so yup, it's a norm.

BUT! Those people are not gonna affect me cos I don't work with them often!

Oki! That's all for now!

Have a great weekend ahead!

XOXO Tsuriki

Monday, 19 November 2012

Ultimate Collagen Goodness!

Sponsored Review

Hihi everyone!!!

So! If you have noticed, many many products nowadays focus on collagen and stuff.
Even candies! Many Japanese gummies nowdays contains collagen, too!

Collagen is not only important to keep our skin's elascity up up, collagen is also need for repair of our body parts.

I've mentioned before that yes we can get natural collagen from food we eat like fish skin and chicken skin. However, I know many people actually DO NOT them all this skin skin stuff!

Like whenever I'm out with my friends, I'm probably the only one eating the skin of the fish we're having! Salmon for japanese cusine, or even chinese styled steam fish!

And as for chicken skin, I know many people, especially girls, do not like to eat them because it's fattening.

So where are you gonna get collagen from?

And even if you do eat them, like me, it is still not enough!

It may be enough to help only the repair of our body tissues daily, but it wouldn't be enough to help keep our skin condition up up!

This is when we need to take in extra collagen!

And here I have with me a new collagen product from Korea --
Ultimate Colla-gen Plus!

It's not just collagen, this new collagen supplement offers 7 BioActive, BioDiversified, Balanced blend of Nano-sized multi-nutriend benefits all in one!

DO YOU KNOW that collagen supplement not only nurtures your skin but also your hair and nails!

Each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen contains:

1. Nano-sized Collagen
2. Probiotic
3. Vitamin C
4. Hyaluronic Acid
5. Fruit Extract
6. Acai Berries
7. Silica

DO YOU KNOW that you have to take Vitamin C, too, when you take collagen so that you can get absorb it well?

Well! Not to worry cos *look up at point 3* Vitamin C is already included in each sachet!

And also, each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen only has 37.24 kcal of calories! I'm sure you can afford this small amount without being worried of putting on weight!

Frankly speaking, I personally am very afraid of taking unflavoured collagen products cos I've tasted one before and it taste HORRIBLE!

But guess what!

Although Ultimate Colla-gen does not comes in flavours and stuff, it actually taste good cos Ultimate Colla-gen is sweetened with Xylitol!

It's recommended for you to mix one sachet with cool water or juice.

But for me, I like to add a sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen to my unsweetened drinks like tea or something.
This way, my drink will still be sweet because of the xylitol in the collagen!

Stay young and pretty, remember to take your collagen!

XOXO Tsuriki

** Ultimate Colla-gen Plus is a Halal product of Korea.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Anime Festival Asia 2012

Japanese Subcultural Event


Last weekend was AFA once again! And boy it's already the fifth year this year!
So glad so see soo many, more and more people liking anime and Japan subculture in Singapore!

Since it was Anime Festival, I decided to go back to the more anime-like, cute style of makeup that day!

So how's my skills? Still not bad huh?

Makeup of the day:
Upper Lash - Decorative LashPlay Sexy #1
Lower Lash - Melliesh #5 (Cut into half)

Wore my kuma knit hat out that day, too!

No! It's not neko-mimi (cat ears)! It's kuma-mimi (bear ears)!

Met Y-san to get my crew pass!
*Not gonna blog his name full, so he shall be Y-san*

Woohoo!!! Feel so special!!! LOL

At Horipro booth, just in time for voice actor Daisuke Kishio's interview!
Look! That's Misa-san interviewing Daisuke Kishio!

If you're a fan of animes like FairyTale, Vampie Knight, Kamisama Kiss, you should not be a stranger to Daisuke Kishio's voice!

There's more. I'm just naming a few only.

Bumped into Noelle who was working as one of the girls for Canon over the weekend

Rurouni Kenshin segment

Oh boy I just can't wait to catch this movie!

Sadly I couldn't make it to AFA on Saturday if not I would be able to watch the Special Showcase of the movie! Urgh~

The costumes

Life-sized Sato Takeru!!!
*Fan girl scream!!!*

Gosh do I like him lots!!!

Ok. Was not able to take a fan-girl photo with the life-sized board cos I was all alone at that point of time.

Concert during the day.

Stay for a just a little while before Y-san brought me and Angel around.

After a karaoke session at the Anime KARAOKE MA' booth, Angel and I headed back to Horipro's Booth for Sea*A's appearance!

The only decent photo taken cos the rest just had many other people's hands in them.

Next, we headed for Marble Collection's Fashion Show!

Ok. No photography was allowed so I shall only post ONE photo.

Posting this photo mainly because Hikaru, a model from PopTeen!

I apologise for the blurred photo taken with my lousy camera.
See! I need to get another new camera!

*LOL. Excuses*

Bumped into Kiyomi Lim and Pei Ting during the fashion show, too!

Sorry for another blurr photo with Pei Ting as there wasn't much lighting and I was not walking the same direction with Pei Ting so no choice but to take photo in the event hall itself.

Back to the main even hall, I saw PIKACHU!!!

Why you walk so fast?! Me wanna take photo!!!

Last stop before heading to Anisong concert, Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe!!!

Ordered only 2 cakes to share. LOL

And yes! They taste SUPER yummy!
I love Green Pumpkin Bakery!!!

And yea! That's us at the MMK Cafe!

Me, Lue Song, Angel and Michelle!

❤ Thank you Jim for the treat!!! ❤

My xiao di Lue Song!

Thanks for coming AFA to supposingly accompany me!

Oh ya! Once again! I wanna make this clear.

NO! Lue Song is NOT my boyfriend!

People can't help but to think that we are GF and BF.
Well, NO! He's not!

With my Indonesian friend, Angel!

Noelle and Angel

With Noelle, the ever-funny girl!

It sure was great getting to know her!

Just us being silly

With Michelle

Us girls who got to know each other from an audition

And last the end the day off, Anisong concert with Angel and Michelle!

Super awesome day at AFA12!

Huge huge huge thanks to Y-san for the pass!
Super duper awesome!!!

Ending off with a group photo with all my friends this AFA12!

XOXO Tsuriki


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