Thursday, 2 July 2009

Loads of updates!

Hihi Everyone! As promised, I'll be blogging today like now? hahaha... It's gonna be lots of stuff in this post so please be patient for the photos to load. =)

12 June, I went for casting in the morning but sadly I did not made it in. Meow~

Oh well, looking back now, it may be a good thing I didn't get in. LOL

I got myself Snoppy plasters that night after helping my sister and helping Dann get some stuff. I had blisters okay~ That's why I bought them.

And we had natsu practice the following day. As a routine we'll always find somewhere to just hang out after dinner. Love you guys!

This is so random but I just wanna share with you the long rectangular shaped mosqitoe bite I had. =p

15 June. That was the day I had a super bad sore throat that I couldn't even talk. Freaking sian lah~ Anyway, we went to Swensen's at Bishan for ice cream. Yum yum!

Jo eating her sticky chewy chocolate sundae

My vanila nut icecap with the pistacio almond ice cream changed to butterscrotch

Ban Theng with his cookie submit

Jia Hui and her colt tower

Dann attacking his cookie submit and frosted chocolate malt sundaes

After ice cream, we went shopping and BT got himself a new set of clothes


Soon, everyone went for movie whereas I stayed at Junction 8 for awhile before going to my Dad's house to meet up for early Father's Day dinner.

We went to the Shanghainese restaurant that we always go for Shanghainese dishes! YEAH!

My dad wondering what's that he received

Raymond explaining how is that present supposed to be used

So what is it?

Wine glass marker! OK I don't know that actually term for it but it's something you used to mark your own wine glass so that you will never get it mixed up with others' anymore!

And my Dad still wondering how exactly to use them

WAIT! There's still another present!

Just look at the happy face on my Dad

A book!

Party drinks book!

And here is me in a mask. hahaha... Everyone around us treated me like I AM some virus or something!

I brought Tizzu along and he even got his own seat! hahaha...

Some salted vegetable with salted meat. In short, very salted. I never liked it, just don't understand why my Dad has to order that everytime we go to that resturant.

小笼包!!! My favorite from that resturant!!! It's like a must eat whenever we go there!

卤猪脚! Yummy but sinful. hahaha...

Eel~ or rather known as 鰻(うなぎ) to most people.

杂(辣)浆面 Hmm... didn't really like it either. Guess I only like the one at the Shichuan resturant at Raffles City.

Pan-fried red bean pancake. I didn't get to eat it that day cause of my sore throat. But frm what I remember from the last time I ate it, it's nice~~~

OK. So back to before I went to my Dad's house, I bought some stuff. Firstly I bought Japanese Drama's DVD.

OK. I only bought ONE that day and the other 2 like a few days before that.

ブラッディ・マンデイ - After a biological terrorist attack kills off the population of a Russian town; Japan's Public Safety Special Third unit, code name THIRD-i, believes that the terrorist organization responsible plans to unleash the same virus known as Bloody X into Tokyo. Subsequently, THIRD-i recruits the help of genius hacker Takagi Fujimaru to find out what happened in the Russia. However, as Fujimaru becomes involved, he soon finds out that he is in over his head and that the terrorist groups influence reaches not only his school but even the police. Fujimaru must now rely on his skill as a hacker to unravel the organizations sinister plot and find out the truth behind "Bloody Monday."

Watched! A bit gross but love it! I just love this kind of shows! Thriller, mysterious, blah blah blah...

流星の絆 - “When we grow up… We’ll kill him together”. Koichi, Taisuke, and Shizuna are three siblings whose parents had been brutally murdered when they were just in elementary school, and they vowed to avenge their death. Fourteen years later, their vengeful plan unravels countless new facts. A shocking revelation leads to an overwhelmingly emotional ending. What will become of the siblings who have lived their lives solely in reliance of their bond alone?

Watched! Yeah it's nice! And of course, NINO IS THE MAIN LEAD!!! Wahahahaha!!!

シバトラ - No matter how you look at him, Shibata Taketora is just a quiet, ordinary junior high student. He looks so vulnerable that bullies try to rip him off on the streets, but he is actually a police detective and an expert swordsman in kendo. Taketora has a special ability to see the "hands of death" around people whose life is nearing the end. One day, Taketora is assigned on undercover operations. He sneaks into a high school, a maid cafe and a juvenile detention center... With the cooperation from his various friends, he gets to the bottom of the matters.

Watched! Ok. I actually bought this DVD to keep cos I've already watched it last year. It's nice~~~

Synopsis from Wiki D-addicts

I bought bought some pudding mix

Custard pudding mix! I'll be making some later after I get home from Japanese lesson later in the night. Yeah! I just bought all the ingredients needed already!

Almond jelly! Wanna find one day and make in Dann's house then we can eat together! wahahaha!!!

The following Wednesday I went to see the doctor and no H1N1 for me! hahaha...

My dinner that night. I now it seriously does not look appetitising but it really taste good! My 什菜饭!

18 June, Thursday.

Li Jin came over my house as she wanted me to teach her how to put on makeup. Well, I wouldn't say that I really taught her taught her cause I myself know that I may be doing somethings not the correct way and stuff. I just told her how I put on my own makeup. That's all.

Jin putting on her makeup

For the first time she has at least minimum proper makeup on! hahaha...

I even put on falsies for her! Oh she has big eyes that night!

Just before we left my house

Me playing with my retro CD glasses again.

At the bus stop

Jin and her big(ger) eyes!

And the usual me with my shorthair look for the night

Really glad that her friends complimented her that night. Hahaha... Great to see us looking more alike again! It's fun~

Then I went to 24Seven's office at the Sail to collect the Samsung BeatDJ M7603 phone for the review I did, link here!

Guess what I found under my block at the letterbox area when I went home that night?


Horrible person that stays at my block! No idea who is it but someone should do something about it lah! There IS a proper bin for you to throw your bulky stuff that is like only 5 steps away from the letter box area!

21 June, Sunday, Father's Day.

Woke up in the morning and rushed to go down for Father's Day lunch with my Step-Grandfather. Hmmm... Had Teochew food. Nice. That's all! Shall not say too much. =)

Then I went down to Orchard to meet Dann before we went shopping and exploring the new Orchard Central.

Coffee bean at Orchard Central! LOL



Up the escalator

We saw this thing hanging somewhere but we had no idea what was it. Can you guess what is it?

As Orchard Central is really new and has lots of empty places, Dann and I decided to take some photos.

Under the unidentified hanging object and still have no idea what is it. hahaha...

We then walked to Plaza Singapura where we shopped at La Senza before taking the Circle line back to Dann's house.

I got this pair of bedroom slippers which I put them at Dann's house. They're so cute and so comfy!!!

Dann bought me this Taiko plush at Orchard Central too!

This is ドン

And this is カッ

We then went for Mac for supper before Dann sent me home that night. We order 20 piece nuggets to share and we found this!

Twin nuggets!

So cute right?

23 June, Dann and I had dinner with both our mums together. hahaha...

Sambal Kang Kong for both our mums

Salt crab for Dann and his mom

Veggie for everyone!

We also ordered chilli crab for me and my mom and also roast chicken for everyone to share, too. I didn't take photo of the chilli crab and chicken as my hands were already dirty then. If you would wanna see the photos of them you may refer to my post on JMD's dinner outing here.

26 June - Jo's birthday!

Tied my hair up into a bun that day and yea I love it. I'm like in love with this hairstyle these few days thanks to the horrible weather! hahaha...

Sadly, that morning the King of Pop, Michael Jackson had passed away. ='(

We went to Swensen's at Suntec City for sundaes first

Poor Kim Kai had no money so he only get to eat the free Birthday Firehouse.

And Dann attacking his sundae again...

So much laughters~

After ice cream, we then went to the food court for lunch. Yes. We did have ice cream first before proper meal. =) After lunch, we went to cineleisure for tea break which turned out to be dinner after supposingly seeing Cindy at her Japan fair near the convention centre. hahaha... Sadly Eileen had to go home when we were taking the train to somerset. Meow~

We went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for dinner

Ban so cute right? LOL

And Jo opened her present from Eileen

Camwhore while waiting for my food

OZ had arrived!

And food too!!

My HK ice milk tea!

Carrot cakey!

Dann's pork ribs

Xiang Min looked so shocked when Dann reached out his hand without telling him what he wanted. haha

My 虾角

And Siew Mai

Let's eat!

Ban trying out different food! hahaha

Closer look of my Siew Mai

Gerry came to join us after dinner for movie. We watched 赤い糸 (Threads of destiny). Will have a post on all the movie reviews of movies I've watched lately all together. =)

After the movie, we went to the Coffee Club near Rebel for mudpie as the Coffee Club near Cineleisure was full and we had to wait for 45mins for a table! Crazy!

Dann and my ANIZO from the がじ machine. heehee...

Jo and her birthday mudpie with special strawberries

Poor Jo got mudpie on her face thanks to the devil

Clean clean her chocolate face

Xiang Min and Jo's apple soda. They ordered the exact same thing but we have no idea why Xiang Min's was served in a different glass. It shouldn't be THAT SHORT glass lor~

And the torture of Jo continued...

Chocolate sauce drawing on her arm

And yes, it is ticklish!


The dead prawn that was fished up by Jo in the morning and suffocated to death in Ban's bag! Poor thing~

The candies I bought from Cindy's Japanese fair that afternoon. Of course the 蜡皮小新 candy is not for me. It's for Jin. hahaha...

28 June, last Sunday.

Group of us went to watch transformers! And like mentioned earlier, all movie reviews will be posted in another blog post! =)

After the movie...

Outside the female toilet


After that we went walking around from Heeren at Novena Square where we had Burger King for dinner and Xiang Min and Steve bought their Adidas shoes.

29 June, Monday.

Yeah! The first time I went overseas with Dann!!! hahaha...

This photo above was taken on the train when I on my way to Woodlands. As you can see, an auntie was standing infront of a seat that was taken up by a bag. Like what the~

The whole thing happened like this.

When I board the train a few stops before Ang Mo Kio, the couple with their children were already on the train and that bag of the little girl was already on the seat. Well, I didn't see a problem then cause the train was pretty empty still so I feel that it's alright to put the bag there. And that ang mo guy in the photo sat down too at the station I board the train.

When the train reached Ang Mo Kio, the auntie got up the train and there weren't anymore seats around so of course she walked towards that seat that has the bag on it cos it seriously was not obvious that a bag was there when anyone were to board the train. You may just think that there's an empty seat there. So the auntie walked there, stood in front of the seat, the mother of the girl who has the bag there looked up at the auntie then look back down without any sign or whatever and just left the bag there on the seat. Like what the... The ang mo guy did give up his seat for the auntie but the auntie rejected his offer.

The whole trip with that family was just horrid! After the ang mo guy got off at Yio Chu Kang, the auntie took his seat and sat down. And the bag was still there! The girl was like screaming and shouting and kicking her mom from the back and even spitting on the train, on the seat, on her mom! OH MY GOODNESS LAH! FREAKING ILL MANNERED! I guess I no need to mention where on earth are those people from, you can guess for yourself. As you can see from the photo, the little girl isn't THAT LITTLE afterall! *smack head* Oh my goodness~~~

Anyway, that family got off at Woodlands, too. Oh well... peace~ I then met Steve and his mom at the station before we went over to Burger King at Causeway point while waiting for Dann to arrive.

The whole experience of Dann going JB is super duper cute! hahaha...

OK. Not much photo of that day cos I seriously do not wanna get robbed or whatever just because I took out my camera.

Dann, Steve and I spent the whole day shopping while Steve's mom spent her day the a snooker place.

There was this singing competition going on at City Square that day so it was really quite an disturbing day. =p

After a whole day of shopping, we had dinner with Steve's mom introducing places for food. Yum~ We ended of dinner with something I really wanna eat lots!



*BT, are you reading this?*

All we can say is...

とても おいしい!!!

Things that I've bought

A pair of violet heels

And my どうもくん bag

from Action City! hahaha... so diao right?

OK. That 2 guys bought quite a number of stuff alright. At least double of the things I bought!

30 June, Tuesday.

Spent a day out with Dann to Sentosa!

We wanted to go there for some time already but we just didn't had the time and also due to the horrible rainy weather for the passed few days.

We just went there to nua~ Dann went to sleep and I just lie down and read my ViVi magazine.

The weather was GOOD that day! Wahahahaha

I had no idea what was I taking then cos actually we were taking photos on Dann's phone too at the same time. hahaha... But it still look pretty nice alright...

Couple taking their wedding photos!

My beach towel and bag I got from the Ray magazine.

Nice photo! hahaha... it's actually my hairclip. lol

Shower time! I know photography is stricted no allowed in toilet but I just have to share with you this!

Look at all the white dots in the photos! The white dots! My camera is perfectly fine! I have no freaking idea how on earth did the *ahem* woman shower beside me that all the dust were flying all over the place and like into my showering area! Roar~!

That night, Dann, Ban Theng and I went to Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe after their night run for some light snacks. Dann and I share the grass jelly with watermelon thingy.

Do you see what's the weird thing about it?

Why on earth is there a parsley on a desert?! haha... weird~~~

And Dann made an ice scupture. hahahaha...

And when I got home, this thing was waiting for me!

It's a thing that helps to save space in your shoe rack! Save up to double the space!!! Cool sia~ It's like a cheap alternative to the plastic shoe boxes. Meow~

Yesterday, Dann, Steve, Ban Theng and I went out for swimming! We went to Jurong swimming complex! hahaha... So fun!!!

Once again, photo taking is not allowed. meow~

Us after 3 hours of slides of stuff. I know I look ugly but, oh wel...

After shower...

SEE!! These people were eating KFC without me! Meow~ Cos I shower longer than them so I have shall treatment?! hahaha... Joking. I did shower for very long...

Sadded... I wanna eat KFC too...

I feel that this photo look like ome KFC advertisment. LOL

Camwhored even though I look ugly without makeup. =p Bleah~

At pool~

My Domo-kun like chrystantma tea!

haha... Guess who's that?!

Answer can be found in above photo. hahaha... Meow Jo blinked. Look at Jaeson's expression! TAKO FACE!!!

Ok. That's all for this post. Will post up the movie reviews and the making of my custard pudding another day, soon I hope.

Have a nice day everyone!

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