Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Korean Spicy Rice Cake 떡볶이

Hi everyone!
Ok! It's been a long time since I last blog on recipes for food.
This is gonna be the first time I'm blogging on recipe that's not on dessert.

I totally love Korean Spicy Rice Cake ever since like 6-7 years ago.
Although I'm a person that doesn't eat chili and either do I usually spicy food but still I love TteokBokKi!

Yup, korean spicy rice cake is called 떡볶이 in Korean pronounced as Tteok-Bok-Ki (トッポッキ).

So now! I'm gonna share with everyone how to cook TteokBokKi yourself!
Ok. I wanna add that this recipe is what I came up with after looking through many different recipes I can find online and on YouTube.
I modified the recipe a little cos I couldn't find some ingredients.

So! Here's the ingredients needed, or rather I used!

  • Onions

  • Carrot

  • Spring onions

  • A packet of TteokBokKi.
    I bought this packet from the Korean 'supermarket' at Square2.

  • TteokBokKi paste.
    You can always get TteokBokKi sauce instead if you don't feel confident making your own sauce.
    But if you do get the sauce, you can just heat the sauce and put in the rice cake, cook at low heat till the rice cake is soft

  • The packet of tteokbokki I bought. Got this packet for around $6.
    There are quite a few choices of tteokbokki at the supermarket so I just bought the cheapest one. =P

    The TteokBokKi paste I bought. I got this bottle for around $4. Seriously...
    I still have half a bottle left even after making that huge pot of tteokbokki!

    Ok. I read online in a certain recipe that if you buy the instant tteokbokki like the one I bought, you have to soak it in water for around 20 minutes first.

    Seriously, I think that's a huge mistake!

    I'm not too sure about other brands, but if you're gonna get the exact packet that I got, DO NOT SOAK IT!!! Just leave it out to defrost while you prepare the other ingredients.

    So yes, I soaked my rice cake. T-T

    I seriously think that's why my rice cake was not able to absorb the taste of the sauce later on because it's "filled with water"! TAT

    Cut my onions into big slices as I'm making onion stock for the base instead of anchovy stock as I couldn't find them!
    So if you could, it's of course better to use anchovy to boil you stock first!

    Carrots and spring onions prepared!

    3-4 cups of water + onions + carrots

    Like mentioned, if you have anchovy, use anchovy and boil them in 4 cups of water for about 10 mins.

    So yes... leave it to boil for around 10 mins.

    While waiting, grab a drink! Muahahaha~

    OK. If you're wondering, yes I bleached my eyebrows that's why they are so much lighter.
    And this photo was taken like 2-3 days after I bleached them.
    TADA! Now you know... Lol

    Drained the water for the rice cakes after I finished my packet of drink.

    So after boiling for around 10 mins, if you used anchovy, remove them from the water.

    Else, let's continue!

    Add about 350ml of tteokbokki paste into the stock.
    If you want your tteokbokki to be more spicy, well go ahead and add more!

    By right, you need to add in some sugar depending on how sweet you want your rice cake to be, I didn't add in any cause there's no more sugar in the house! T-T

    So ya, if you're adding, you can add before or after the tteokbokki paste. =)

    Stir well!

    Add in your rice cakes!

    Stir well

    Let it boil for about 3 minutes on medium heat.
    Remember to check and stir well from time to time.

    Add in spring onions

    Leave it to boil on low heat till sauce thickens.
    And still, remember to check from time to time and stir well! =)

    And TADA!!! Your very own TteokBokKi!


    So I hope everyone enjoy this post on how to cook tteokbokki!


    Sunday, 22 May 2011

    ♥ ママの日 ♥

    Ready to see some yummy food?

    I must say first, if you get hungry and craves for food even though you just had your meal, don't blame me okay~

    Let's eat!

    Okay.. above photo was some random photo I took when I ordered Pasta Mania for dinner some day weeks ago and I decided to decor my salad with mayo.

    So first up!

    Lunch with my mom at Ichiban Sushi for a mini Mother's Day celebration.

    Ok.. people have been asking me why do I not blog photos of my mom.
    Simply because she doesn't like take to photos much.

    So here's my mom!

    Yea I held my camera pointing at her for don't know how long to get this shot.

    Me falling asleep while waiting for my food to be served.

    Mommy's unagi sushi

    My tamago sushi

    Mommy's tempura bento set

    My salmon something something...
    Can't remember the exact name of this already


    Next up!
    Actual Mother's Day dinner together with my sister and brother-in-law.

    Finally! After many many times, she sister managed to bring my mom to Crab Party for dinner.
    Cos my mom is totally an addict of the Taiwanese Drama, 爱, so she couldn't bear to miss a single episode of it. And for people who are not living in Singapore, for your information, this dramam has been going on for like 2-3 years airing 6-7 days per week.

    Seriously.. and the story-line is like super boring.

    And one thing about Taiwanese dramas, characters die and resurrect like nobody's business!
    Yea, that totally explains why they can have such a LOOOOONG and on-going drama with just that number of actors. T-T

    My longan honey some sort of drink.

    Some prawn thingy. I can't never remember what is this thing called.
    Oh well... It's nice and yummy! So I don't care! Wahahahaha~

    Toufu with shedded yam on top with some minced meat and sauce

    Always eat your veggie, people!

    And lastly, the main dish...

    Salted egg crab!!!
    We ordered 2 crabs, one male and one female.


    Oki! That's all for this post.
    Hope I didn't make you hungry... =)

    Friday, 20 May 2011

    Francis Cheong Show at Audi Fashion Festival

    Hi everyone!

    So I guess everyone has read my previous post where I got my hair styled for the Audi Fashion Festival on Tuesday.
    If you have not, check it out here!

    So thanks to for the invitation, I was able to attend one of the fashion shows for this year's Audi Fashion Festival!

    So who's ready to have see some of the fabulous designs of our local designer Francis Cheong?

    First! When we arrive at the entrance to the fashion festival, we were welcomed by these really interesting designs on the Audi A1 cars.

    Who wouldn't want a car with unique design, right?

    I got to know more bloggers that were at the fashion show, too!

    And yea! A photo with Andrea De Cruz before the show!

    So after being served great cocktail and some chit chat session, we entered the show area.


    Not forgetting one of my all-time favourite female celebrity, Christy Chung!!!

    Yes, my friend Ban Theng was like freaking jealous and going crazy when I told him that I would be going for the fashion show and would be able to see Christy Chung in person!

    Sory but I just can't hold my excitement in, I LOVE HER SO SO SO MUCH!!!!

    And yes! The fashion was began!!!

    The very first piece of design of Francis Cheong for the evening!

    Models on the runway

    Sorry but because of my seat location, I was not able to snap great shots.

    Below are some shots taken by the pros at the show.
    Credits to

    Personally I love this whole fee lots!

    Christy Chung!!! OMG!!!

    And of course, not forgetting the creative mind behind all these beautiful pieces of outfits and dresses, Mr. Francis Cheong.

    Once again, thank you for the invitation!


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