Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fly at MegaZip!


Have you ever heard of flying fox?

I'm one person that LOVES flying fox and just can't have enough of it! But I feel that all those I've tried is just too short.

Want something that last a longer time?

Go on down to MegaZip at Sentosa now!!!

Thanks to Conrad, I got to try it out with a group of my friends a few weeks ago!!!

Everyone was waiting for Gerry to arrived as I told her to meet at the wrong end of the MegaZip ticket counter.

We were at the counter right on top of the hill at Imbiah Station but Gerry was way below at the Silosa Beach!

So we waited for Gerry to arrive and got ourselves our tag!

It's PINK!!!

Here's all of us that's gonna fly down the hill top of Sentosa real soon!

Worry not for your belongings as MegaZip would help to bring your belongings down to the other end at Silosa Beach for you to collect right after your flight.

Our belongings! Heehee...

Xiang Min was too scared to join us in flying~

Do not worry if you think that you're not wearing proper footwear as Crocs will be provided if needed!

Everyone's so excited especially Gerry and Merlion cos it's their very first time flying on a flying fox!

The girls~ Where's Gerry?! LOL

Everyone getting ready

Gerry and I used the smallest sized gear. Meow~

We're short~~~

L sized people. LOL

Gerry: "This is how you gear up. Blah blah blah..."

After wearing our gear and listening to the safety instructions, it's time to set off to the highest point of Sentosa!

Ladies first.

As Gerry is weighted below 50KG, she was recommended to go together with someone so to have more fun as it will be faster and also to prevent getting stuck halfway.

I'm all alone!

Getting into ready positions and clicked! Off we went!!!

Guys' turn.

Dann, Merlion and Jae flew at the same time


See~ Dann was super relax and enjoying the flight down to Siloso Beach!

Ending point.

Jae could take such a sharp photo cos he got stuck towards the end like me.

The flight was super duper fun! I was wanna go for it again!!!

We walked back to the ticket counter at Siloso Beach to collect our belongings

Everyone enjoyed it LOTS and wished sooo much that we can go again! (><)

Like I said, it's SUPER DUPER UPER FUN!!!

Wanna give it a try yourself?

Here's the price list!

Oh man~ I soooooo wanna try out ClimbMax and ParaJump, too!!!

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