Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hada Lado Skincare Review


Yippe!!! Finally I'm here to share with you my experience of using the Hada Labo products after 2 weeks!

Read here for Hada Labo Preview Launch Event Post!

Tada!!! The hydrating range of Hada Labo!!

Firstly, Facial foam!

Although it isn't one that smells super good, but that's it with Hada Labo! Nothing necessary that doesn't help in skin hydration is added in their skincare products!

Secondly, Toner!

This is one product I wanna tried for a long long time ever since I saw it being introduced in 女人我最大.

It's the number 1 seller in Japan! 1 bottle is being sold in Japan every 4 seconds so it's always sold out!!!

After using it, I understand why is it selling so good.
Simply because it's SUPER GOOD!!!

And one bottle can actually be used for quite a long time as you don't need much every application!

Normal toner you'll have to apply on cotton wool then smooth over your face. But for this Hada Labo toner, you only need 3 drops! Drop it toner onto your palm and and pat it directly onto your face!

Thirdly, Moisturing milk!

It feels like feeding milk to your face!

I usually use this in the morning and the essence at night!

Next, the hydrating essence!!!

I use this at night and yippe! It's so much more concentrated than the moisturing milk!

Lastly, the Mask!

Super hydrating, super relaxing having it on!


You should totally try this range!
If you're a person that likes products with whitening, they have the whitening range, too!

Go grab them at any Watson's outlet NOW! and experience it for yourself!


  1. ツリキのメイク可愛い!

  2. supah11さんへ
    ありがとう! (^^)

  3. ♀하나 - v♀へ
    Hi. Sorry but I'm not very sure how much the whole set is gonna cost. My set box was sponsored by Hada Labo themself.



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