Tuesday, 18 November 2008

bling bling!

hey there...
i just came back home not very long ago.
after FYP today,
like i said i was going out with dann.
things did not turn out what i actually expected.

after National Education lesson,
i received dann's sms saying that he's gonna play ball till 8pm then we go have a good good dinner.
(__________ _____________)

so i waited for him after lessons then we went to dann's house where dann changed to his ball attire.
i did not go down as i wanted to watch 转角遇到爱.
but in the end,
i ended up falling asleep and when i woke up i dont know why on earth the air con was turned on and dann got home like 2 mins later.
then after dann cooled down and showered,
we made our way to woodlands causeway point where dann got his wires for the tv and also,
dann got me a new ear piece as mine had just spolit yesterday.
so sad... the ear piece that my mom got me when i was primary 6 lor...
and that's like...
7 years ago?!

and tada!

this is my new ear piece!!!

so after getting his wire and my ear piece,
we went to aijisen ramen for dinner!

first time trying their scallop ramen...
not bad.
worth trying.
and i will consider it again the next time i eat aijisen ramen.

after dinner,
we went to the night market beside the mrt station.
like there's ssoooooooo many fake branded stuff around lor..
and seriously,
the materials and standards of fakes are getting lower and lower.
dann even commented that at a certain stall then the uncle was like so unhappy like dann said that the material used is like so horrible...

so ok...
dann got his slam dunk dvd
which will replace his slam dunk vcds?
i didnt get anything though i saw pretty pyjamas and doraemon mouse!!!

so i came back and like i said when we bought the ear piece,
"buy then i bling them"
and here's the result:


didnt really do much cause i dont wanna risk any chance of me regretting anything that i've done to it.
so i shall keep it as simple as possible.

the bigger bling i used actually what i used for my old panasonic phone.

if you have never seen it before,
here it is.

it's like so freaking bling and i so freaking love it lah!
so sad it's announced offically dead and i cant do anything to help it as our dear panasonic singapore does not do phones anymore and i just dont wanna risk handing my phone to any unknown phone shops to get it repaired.
so till now it's still being kept properly in one of my mini drawers.

so ya...
and the other two smaller blings are actually used for nail arts.
and yup.
i've tried the ear piece.
sound quality...
not bad.
for people like me that does not really want super good sound quality ear piece,
i think it's quite a good buy.
and also,
it's not expensive.

i think that's all.
gonna go shower and sleep soon as i'm freaking tired.

have a good rest people!

PS: heard complaints about my christmas wishlist so i shall do adjustments tomorrow when i'm free.
sorry for any inconvinence cause.

sinced many places already have their christmas decor up,
i guess it's not really early for me up start listing what i want this Christmas,
i think...
my list is being listed in the order that the thing that i want most to come first and least the last.

Dear Santa,
for this Christmas I would like to have:

  1. mp4
    *for music and videos*
    (Creative's ZEN X-Fi 8GB sounds good!)

  2. Little Mermaid Thrilogy DVD set *cause i love little mermaid*

  3. my own digital camera
    *to capture more moments of my life*
    (Sony T500, T77, T700 sounds great!)

  4. a video camera
    *cause i love taking videos!!!*
    (Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam VF0570 Camcorder is just nice!)

  5. Ettusais's Zero-Pore Oil Block Foundation LIMITED GLITTER EDITION
    *cause it's freaking cute!*

  6. Nintendo DS
    *cause i'm freaking bored always!*
    (i prefer either a White, Black or Pink one)

  7. a new handphone
    *cause Shine sux*
    (I like LG KC550 - Pink!, Samsung SGH F700
    or Jappy Phones like DOCOMO's:
    P-01A - Red,White or Pink one,
    F906i - White or Red one,
    N-03A - The White and Yellow one,
    P-01A - any colour!.
    **Other jappy phones that look similar and has similar functions also can!**)

  8. clear shoe boxes
    *cause i was have a super hard time looking for shoes!!!*
    (boxes can be ordered online

  9. shoe wheel
    *i want clear shoe boxes more cause this take up alot of space*
    (sold at heeren's four skin)

Thank you Santa.

Signed, Trixy.

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