Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ladybird Nail Art Tutorial

Hey there everyone!

OK.. I was kinda bored at home Thursday night after food testing for my sister's wedding that will be held next month.

I wanted to re-paint my nails and do something that will only look nice with shorts nails since I've cut them all as 3 nails clipped last weekend.

And that now I'm super crazy, going all gaga over the dorama マイガール, I've decided to paint my nails into mini ladybugs! hahaha...

It's the very first time I made a video tutorial for nail art so I apologise for stuff like lighting and etc. Will improve next time.

Hope that you like it!

I'm currently editing the hair tutorial video I did last night since I didn't go down to SupperClub. Felt so sorry cos like Diana invited me and I didn't go in the end.

It was really great to meet Nadia and Jayden before I went home after performance though. Met them at the Puma outlet at 313 @ Somerset. Both Nadia and I went there for the pair of really pretty heels that only that very outlet carries but that price is super crazy lah~ It's going for $950 per pair! OMG!


So ya. To make it up for Diana, I made a hair tutorial last night before cleaning off my make up.

Do stay tuned!

~ Post edited ~

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