Monday, 10 November 2008

wet wet chicken~~~

what a morning~

i finally manages to get myself to school as dry as possible.

here's the thing about singapore's weather,
it changes like a magic show.
one minute is freaking bright and sunny.
and the next,
it's raining so heavily that you cant even clearly see the building across you.

i was on my way to school this morning,
and when the traing reached bishan station i got this bad feeling as suddenly i saw the dark sky.
and when the train leaves bishan station which is like only 1 min or so,
it started raining heavily.
and i do not mean just normal heavy,
it is super duper heavy!!!
so so SO HEAVY that you couldnt see the building across!!!
i looked out the window and everything seemed photoshopped,
all blurr!!!

and the train totally slowed down it's speed by quite a lot
like from a speeding car or rather this case a train
to a vehicle in a car park driving slowly searching for a parking slot that kind of speed.

once i stepped out of yio chu kang station,
oh boy~
my feet are already wet.
it was so bad that this rain caused even the area where just after the steps of the station is already flooded.

i took a photo while waiting to cross the road.

my handphone cant really capture how the rain is REALLY like~
but when many of us were waiting under the sheltered walkway,
some people were like standing there taking up people's space WHEN THEY HAVE AN UMBELLA IN HAND!!!
and some of their umbellas were wet lah~
the poor people behind them got wet for nothing.

so i walked through that horrible path
where water is like minimun 1-2cm of height
and goes up to around 15cm of height in average.

and as usual,
the horrible underpath of NYP if flooded with water.
i dont know how much the depth of water is there
and no one's gonna risk having wet pants or stinky horrible soaking wet footwear the whole entire day.
but from what i saw,
it was defintely worse than usual.

saw ki kat,
or rather known as hortart to many people,
and he told me it's like typhoon in hong kong lor~

imagine people!
it's really THAT BAD!!!

and from today,
we can freaking see how inconsiderate people can get.
even the roads were like having lots of water on it
maybe 3-5 cm of height of water?
and when cars drive pass the water will splash up to minimum half the height of their own vehicle that kind,
some horrible drivers still speed pass!!!
and some worse drivers that is actually driving on the most left lane that is supposed to be slower in their speed of the vehicle,
this horrible driver drove even faster than some other drivers on the center or right lane,
speed passed the whole walkway and everyone that was walking along the walkway got innocently wet!!!


freaking bullet!

dont ever let me see that grey vehicle SGH 20XX again!!!
will not reveal the last 2 numbers of the car
but the person's so freaking horrible!!!

ya ya ya~!
you are freaking in the comfort of your wonderful car
driving on the LEFT LANE
and still drove that freaking fast on such a wet and slippery day!

i shall say
"all the best, hope you get a fine soon!"

drive so fast~

freaking bullet!

walking under a sheltered walkway etc etc,
my bag still got wet.

i have no idea why but i just wanted to use my beach bag today.
and seriously that was a very very VERY GOOD choice i made.

can you imagine if my bag wasnt plastic?!

like everything will get freakin wet lah!


build walkways with better drainage system!!!
build walkways with better drainage system!!!
build walkways with better drainage system!!!
build walkways with better drainage system!!!
build walkways with better drainage system!!!

build walkways with better drainage system!!!
build walkways with better drainage system!!!

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