Monday, 31 August 2009

G-Force is coming to town!

Something super adorable is coming to town...

Yeah! It's the G-Force!!!

Yup! The producers of Pirates of the Caribbean is meeting you peoples with this new movie by Walt Disney Pictures!

Here's the link to it's trailer on YouTube here!
(Sorry but embedding for all trailers were disabled)

Seriously... I have been waiting for this cute movie to be out for months! I first thought that this movie about hamster when I first watched the trailer of it at Challenger! But after I got to know the title of the movie, G-Force, it then hit my head that it's actually about guinea pigs! haha... How silly of me~

Anyway... here's a simple introduction of the main characters in this movie.

Note: not all characters are guinea pigs okay~

Agent Speckles. It's a mole rat I think...

From the impression of it from the trailer, it seems like Agent Speckles is the brains that helps G-Force throughout their "missions".

Quote, "I'm a mole, I have a thing for worms."

Hurley -- Guinea Pig.
Member of G-Force.

The silly one in the group. But you know, if there isn't a silly one, perhaps the smart one wouldn't seem THAT smart sometimes? He eats about anything but just not injustice. All gut, but no glory. But one thing for sure, he sure put the "pig" in the guinea pig!

Quote, "Piece of cake!"

Agent Blaster -- Guinea Pig.
Member of G-Force.

The tall guinea pig with a explosive personality that weighs 2 pounds of nasty! Puts the "G" in the Force!

Quote, "Tick tick Boom."

Agent Juarez -- Guinea Pig.
Pretty member of G-Force.

See! Female can be an agent too! And she can totally stay pretty throughout their missions. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Guinea. She's another one with the brains alright~ The brains for fashion!

And I just simply love her quote,
"If looks could kill, you'd be dead already."

Agent Darwin -- Guinea Pig.
Leader of G-Force.

No need for me to say any further. He's the brains!!! Not only is he the brains of of G-Force's missions, he sure has the brains for video games too! I guess many admires him. Cause no matter what, he IS the founder of the original rat pack! What more can I say about this lover "boy"? The girls want him, the hamsters want to BE him!

Quote, "Leave no rodent behind."

One last character that I'm gonna cover.

Agent Mooch -- Mosquito.

Seriously I have no idea what this character is all about for now. All I know that it's super cute alright! Wahahahaha!!!

Quote, "Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Well, everything in this post may be wrong as I can't really find much information of the characters in detail online. So all I can do is to go catch this movie in the cinemas myself!

I'm SO gonna watch it in 3D!!! *AH~~~!!!!*

I was quite surprised myself when I saw the voice over for the characters in this movie.

Did you know that Nicolas Cage is actually the voice for Agent Speckles?!

and Penelope Cruz is the voice for Agent Juarez?!

Pretty awesome huh?

*See you there everyone!*
Catch G-Force in cinemas 4th Sep 2009!!!

Fustration within

Sometimes... how I wish I am able to just shout out
"Go rule your own life!"

I have my own life which yes! It's my own!

But then again... I know that everyone is just concerned and that's why they are trying to help me rule my life just telling me what should I do which somehow sometimes makes me feel that those words coming out of their mouth are actually their "wishes" which they hope of me to follow. If I don't follow them, I will then be against their will.


i just want a good night rest for now.

Sleep tight everyone!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Japan Trip Day 1 -- Arrival!!!

On the 13 August, my birthday, my dad, stepmom and my stepmom's friend and of course, me, arrived at the airport early morning around 4.30am. We checked-in our luggage and my dad went to the duty-free shop, wanting to but some wine for my stepmom's friend who is staying in Tokyo. I followed him.

Here's my very shagged dad and tako trix!

That's our flight alright~

So my dad didn't get to buy the wine as the time allowed for passengers to purchase stuff from the duty-free shop has been closed. So he didn't get to buy the wine. We then went to meet up with my stepmom and her friend, Audrey.

They were having breakfast at this mini cafe.

And here's my stepmom enjoying her bread.

Here's my boarding pass to Tokyo alright! Wahahaha~~~!!!!

Cam whore with my boarding pass!!!


My dad looks gay with my stepmom's light purple cap clipped on his bag!

And there we went, to board the plane!


And ya.. my dad still dont get the whole cam whore thing. To him, photos MUST be taken properly and especially not myself!

Attempt of taking a photo of everyone...

Failed! my dad moved!

Try again...

Fail again! My dad lifted up his arm! Argh~

My boarding documents and my kawaii Doraemon pen that Dann and Steve got in Hong Kong.

*Kinda think about it, I havent blog about the stuff that Dann got me from Hong kong!*

My dad and my stepmom. see they so happy~

My breakfast served on North West Airlines -- Omelette with Cheese.

My dad eating his mee goreng which tasted HORRIBLE!!!

After breakfast...

Fill out immigration form while watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Bored on the plane~~~ When are we reaching???

After around 6 hours on the plane, a light snack was served.

Watching Monsters VS Aliens then...

COKE!!! The last taste of coke before we landed in Japan. Happy Trix!

My dad... always give me weird faces when i take photo of him!

Last photo of the Moks before landing!


And here's the plane that we were on for the past 7 hours!

And everywhere was welcome to Japan signs!

And also welcome home signs for Japanese.

And after collecting our luggage, it's time to go off!

Here we go!

We took the JR line to Ueno station where my stepmom's friend, Agnes, picked us up from there!

And once we reached the station platform, everyone started to get their hands on their mobile phones! Including me alright~

My daddy reaching for his camera while I was already camwhoring away! =p

So~ Their train station's boards shows the time and the time of departure for the train to different dicrections! Ok. Narita Airport's board did not show to which direction does it go cause it is the last station and trains at that station only go in ONE direction!

They have like mini kiosks at the train station platform where you can get a drink or snack or something. Some stations event have mini cafe or restaurant!

Their kawaii small train tickets!

Get my cap on and CAMWHORE while waiting for the train to come.

Here's auntie and auntie Audrey chatting away~

So here's my dad, stepmom and auntie Audrey. Cheese~

Tokyo's trains~ hahaha...

They have kawaii panda danger signs on the train doors!

Signs to tell you which direction is the train going towards and the next train station and also the current station you're at. Don't worry, there's English, too.

Along the way~

Getting bored... 45 mins ride in the train.

The trains there are very quiet. People talk very softly and everyone switches their mobiles to quiet mode whenever they are in the train. People don't really talk o the phone while they are on the trains either. I like that~ Like... In singapore, you step into a train and say take a ride for 30mins, you can hear like all sorts of ring tones lah! And one more thing, all ringtones are SUPER LOUD!!!

So after auntie Agnes picked us up at Ueno station, she drove us to the apartment which we're gonna be staying in for the next 7 days which is near Kasuga station. We dropped our luggage and soon, we're out again for food!

Building near auntie Agnes's house.

A shop near by.

And guess what?

Tokyo Dome is nearby, too! Just less than 10 mins walk away!

The roller coaster track at the shopping centre opposite of Tokyo Dome!

We went for soba as my dad kept saying he wanna eat soba soba soba...

Here's what I ordered! Ok. I had no idea what exactly it is. I just saw cold veggie soba then I just ordered! =p It's yummy!!! Oishii~~~

My dad enjoying his curry soba!

Then we went to the shopping centre that was opposite Toyko Dome to walk walk a little.

Roller coaster anyone?

And here's my dad, waiting to take a photo of the people on the ride coming down. I had to tell him when to push the button or we're all gonna stand there for quite a long time!

Sorry but I haven't had the time to get the photos thatmy dad took, select them, edit and upload. Will update post when I have the tell. And of course will inform you, my dear readers, when I do so be it twitter or in my future posts.

After some shopping, we went over to this family restaurant for dinner.

You can find other outlets of this restaurant almost everywhere else, too! It's right opposite of Tokyo Dome Theme park!

Park your bicycles here!

So in Jonathan's, you see Anpan-man everywhere! some promotions for this summer I guess.

Pour sauce over Katsu!

Shisamu salad and pork cutlet! The salad is SUPER OISHII!!! If you do go Tokyo and do go to Jonathan's DO GIVE IT A TRY!!!

And this is my beef stew omelette rice! Also very Oishii! The beef stew is really really good!!!

After dinner, I went for a walk near "my" neighbourhood with auntie and auntie Agnes as they wanted to go to that supermarket nearby. Like c'mon! It's like only 8pm plus in Japan which is like 7pm plus in Singapore, you ask me go back to the apartment do what sia~ Plus! There isn't internet at the apartment! So of course I chose to go walk walk with them.

Restaurant nearby when I walked one of the fashion shop nearby.


So I ended up shopping at the drugstore nearby before going back to find my stepmom in the supermarket.

And here's the stuff I bought that day!

Not a lot alright~ Got Dann a yattaman t-shirt from UNIQLO, KATE eyeshadow, Soyjoy bars and bubble hairdye from the drugstore.

Ok. As you can see and I guess many should already know about this hairdye. Yup. Bubble hairdye i call it. So Apparently i bought it and used it like just 1 or 2 days before it's launched in Singapore.

So anyway... here's some tips for anyone that wanna try it out.

No.1... SHAKE THE MIXTURE HARD!!!! Trust me~ Yvonne bought the hairdye on Saturday and told me the instructions stated to shake gently. RUBBISH!!! If you're gonna just shake it gently, you are NOT gonna get foam! You're just gonna get water mixture out of the bottle!

No.2... Make sure your bottle it perpendicular to the floor when you squeeze the bottle. If not, tada! you get water mixture too!

Here's the KATE eyeshadow i boughtand I LOVE IT! I'm sooooo gonna stick to KATE eyeshaodow from now on! It's long-lasting and the colours really show! Even though it's a lower end of Kanebo, the quality is still there! Come everyone! Convert to KATE now!!! haha... Just kidding! but it's really good. Eyeshadow I'm talking about here. And also the makeup base and loose powder! No joke! My makeup stays well on the whole in the hot weather!!! Just imagine I actualy got sunburnt when i went Disneyland and Disneysea but my face didn't get burned at all! Miracle with that makeup base with SPF protection!!!

Ok. I shall stop the "promotion" for KATE products. But~~ Any KATE sponsors?! heehee...

Lastly, here's my nails at the end of day ! in Tokyo. Super sad sia~ But too bad... I didn't bring nail polish removal. So i just have to stick with horrible nails throughout my trip there. And thinking that my nails got worst every single day! Argh~

Ok. That's all for now!
Have a sweet night everyone!



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