Monday, 3 November 2008

while waiting....

hey hey everyone!
i just got home from school not long ago.

i just went in to my sis's room
and they were just planning to order pizza for dinner.
right now i'm waiting for our dinner to come knock on our house's door.

just checked my email,
and i saw an email from Reiko,
the organiser for the Go Japan Matsuri festival
that was just over the mid of last month.

she sent me (or rather us) the links to photo albums of the whole matsuri.
albums arent fully ready yet.

when they're ready,
then i shall blog some photos up.

together attached with the email was this letter of appreciation:


like i said before,
though i didnt win this contest,
the whole thing was enjoyable.
*taking out the standing and stuff*

ok ok.

i shall blog more later after my dinner.

*wait wait~~~*
*pizza pizza where are you~?*

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