Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Prisila Wig from Popu-Store

Special Review

Hi Everyone!

Here's the review post that many many many have been waiting for!!!

Firstly, this is the wig I got!

It's wig #13 from Popu-Store.

I wanna state here that I got this wig together with all the other Prisila wigs sold to all my customers. I did not buy seperately from another shop or even the official Prisila wig store just in case any people are to think that I am out here to cheat anyone!
*Better state clearly first!*

So here's a closer look at the wig itself!

Top view

Side view

All wigs are tagged with the original Prisila wigs' tag

And here's how it looks when being worn!

As you can see for yourself, the quality is very natural looking!

I wore it out an entire day 2 weeks back to my baby niece's birthday party

And seriously, none of my relatives realised I was wearing a wig until I told them. One of my cousin didn't even believe I was wearing a wig even after me telling her!

Haha~ I wonder how many people did I fool that day!

And yea! My auntie gave me a minnie mouse.

Happy happy!

Nom nom nom~

By thw way, here's my outfit for the day:

Maru Beanie / Luvlicious
Prisila Wig #13 / Popu-Store
White Lace Dress / Popu-Store
Demin Shorts / Pull and Bear
Vintage Belt / Popu-Store
Fringe Mouton Boots / Popu-Store


Is it warm?
Well, I won't say no. But it really isn't very warm.
Even though I wore a beanie the whole day and like waited at the bus stop for 40 mins, walked a 30 mins journey out in the hot sun that day, it really isn't very warm. Just like wearing a cap, or even better!

Do I need to wear a wig cap?
100% yes. Even if your hair is short, it is still recommended to wear a wig cap.

Does the Prisila wig of Popu-Store comes in the pretty bag like those from the officila Prisila web store?Nope. I can say that the wigs are very highly possible to be original but they do not come in the original packaging.

Why are the wigs so expensive?Actually, they are all near half the price of the original Prisila wigs sold on Prisila web store. And really, every cent that you pay is worth the money because they are of really really good quality.

Do I need to buy a wig brush for my wigs?
It is recommended to get a proper wig brush, wig comb. But you can of course use your normal usual brush/comb.
However, I strongly encourage you to get a proper brush as it will help to keep you wig neater for a longer time.

Okay~ That's all for my review for the Prisila wigs selling at Popu-Store.
We'll be opening our next Prisila wig spree when the 2nd spree's wigs are being sent over to us.

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. love your wig, it doesn't looks fake >.< My shizuka hairwig is too shiny =(

  2. Yay cant wait for you wig spree! You look so beautiful in it!

  3. Omg it looks like natural hair ;A;! Amazing!

  4. It looks so nice! I've been a fan of Prisila wigs for a while... Look forward to the spree!

  5. wahh it looks so pretty (♥∀♥) makes me want one

  6. wow...i love your wig looks so natural and soft ....i wanna try it!!!
    that's so wonderful one !

  7. last pic looked like Ayumi Hamasaki. =D

  8. you looks pretty in this wig thanks for share your pictures here

  9. Please tell me what color are u wearing?

  10. hi when is the next spree?

  11. Anonymousへ
    My wig's colour is LiYE. =)

    Sorry but we've just closed our latest spree.
    The next spree will only be opening after the supplier has shipped out the wigs for the latest spree.

  12. Hi~ I love ur wig!! I want one!! *O*
    when is the next spree? ♥

  13. Hito へ
    Hi! Our next spree would be opening in Sep.
    Do follow PopuStore on twitter for updates!

  14. Oh! Thank u~! Well... how much it cost shipping to spain?? :o and.. can i use the hair iron with these wig to curle it ...?

    thanks ^^"

  15. Hito へ
    Hi! Please email popustore at popustore@gmail.com for enquiries. Thank you!



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