Wednesday, 31 December 2008

More photos of Christmas celebration!

hey there everyone! ok... i'm home already after fyp today as we have half-day.
*hey someone told me dont have lor~ what the meow!*

in quite a great pain now. hai... hope i am still able to bring myself out later to meet kathy and darz. if not i think i'' face the fact that i'll spend my ney year's eve all alone at home watching disney channel! hahaha...

ok... here's some photo i just got from raymond like the day before~

that's me at home before going to xiang min's house on christmas eve.

and now for christmas day!

me and my silly sister. ok... i sister made me have cat ear hats lah! looks so cute - ugly but adorable!

yeah! raymond, my sister, me, my stepmom and my dad at little harry's bar!

having a great chat with my dad!
so glad that he has receovered! i'm really happy to have my cheerful father back!

present time!

and my dad opens his present.

as i gave the idea of getting my dad a big mug to encourage him to drink more water, he opened the present and asked me, "is this from the tang dynasty?!"

and my sis got my dad a bottle for olive oil! pretty!

and it's auntie's turn next! well we got her a pink leather pouch for her iPhone and a lavendar shower set!

oh what raymond waiting for?


my healthy daddy!!!

look at him concentrate! hahaha... ok. my dad won!!! hahahaha.....

ok that's all. hahaha...

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