Saturday, 27 December 2008

may ALL LIZARDS DIE in peace, PLEASE!!!


seriously everyone, i just ran out of the shower after seeing a lizard on the shower door just before i reached out for my shampoo!!!!!
oh my freaking goodness lah!!!
at first i saw something like dark on the door, i thought it may just be another cockcroach again. (i dont know why but cockcroaches in my house just love to get flatten in between shower doors i guess)
but to my horror just now when i took a closer look at it, without my glasses which mean i'm like partial blind, i saw 4 legs!!!!



how i wish that all lizards die in peace. so what is they eat flies and mosqitoes and stuff? many people out there still get bitten and even dengue fever lah! if not, is there anyway to detroy all lizards at least in the house and keep them out forever???!!!


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