Sunday, 7 December 2008

happy happy days!
ice cream(s)!!!

Taggy Reply!!!

wendy: let's go down.. I want to....

trix: yeah! sadly it rained... =(

Magus: I am here

trix: hi! thanks for dropping by! (^-^)

tin: nerdy trix >.< i've found you somewhr in my computer

trix: haha... you got me linky from your blog ba...

friday friday!!!
after FYP, i went to get myself my replacement of contact lens at the optician then rushed home to wash up before going out to meet dann.
when i reached home, i actually found the contact lens that i dropped at the hole area of the sink in the toilet!!!

oh my!
i actually washed it away myself as i thought it was super dirty scotch tape or something as i wasnt wearing my glasses when i found it in the morning when preparing to go to school.
it actually had hair and dust a nd dirt on it when i picked up lah!
cant blame me for thinking it's just dirty scotch tape isnt it!?
so i washed up and put my make-up on as quickly as possible and went out to meet dann after his work.
we went walking around while searching and thinking of what to eat that night and finally decided on pepper lunch.

wait wait wait...
and i had salmon cheese pasta and dann had chicken pepper rice.
but i was freaking bell laughing my head off when i was eating there as the japanese pronunciation of the staffs that were super horrible and ridiculously funny!
the tone like everywhere one lor~!

after dinner, dann and i went to mos for drinks. had a large cup of ice milk tea and large cup of coke in total.
we were like both super thirsty lah~!
then we were dann was also trying out the camera functions on his new darling phone...
the smile detection function is seriously kinda retard lah~!
but the blink detection function was not bad.
i was like seriously shocked when dann tested the multi-shot function.
oh my lah!
fast multi shot lor~
not those you will normally have on mobile phones...!

so this continued till around 11pm where dann then went back to the store and met his colleagues for a farewell party and i went home by train... duh~

so i came home and checked on my dropped and soon to be thrown away contact lens.

so after hours of soaking in the solution...

it's still like that lor~!
but oh well...
even if it opens fully, i'll still throw it away. i cant imagine putting something that has been on the dirty sink for hours into my precious eyes lah!
go blind how sia!!!
so ya...
i just soaked it to see what am i able to get after soaking it for a few hours.

yesterday, i met dann in the morning and watched tv together at his place before dann went for work and i meet wendy.
our initial plan was to watch doraemon together lah...
but i was late.
by an hour...

so i met wendy at plaza singapura for lunch first.
we had the indonesian food at the food court...
yeah! happy! i have been wanting to eat it for a very long time but i just didnt had a chance to do so.

after lunch, we bought drinks and wanted to make our way to fort canning green for the ben and jerry's chunk fest.
however, it was raining.
so freaking sad~
so we ended up walking around plaza singapura first then decided to just go to the cathay for ben and jerry;s ice cream instead as we were afraid that it may rain again on our way or something.

there was a never ending queue at the cathay's ben and jerry's shop.
even thought there wasnt really a lot of people queuing in front of us, we still had to wait a long time as they were super short handed i feel.

so finally we got our ice cream and sinced there wasnt any available seats around, we made our way to the basement and sat around the fountain and ate our ice cream there.

wendy was actually playing then i told her i wanna take a photo of her feeding the fishy that actually swam towards wendy after we sat down.

and presenting...

got a single scoop of cake batter ice cream in a flower bowl.
i know i AM A MOUNTAIN TORTOISE but really it was only my second i'm eating ben and jerry's ice cream!!!

i guess if i didnt actually wokring at swensen's myself, i might still feel that swensen's ice cream is expensive and stuff...

after ice cream, we walked to cineleisure to take neoprints!!!
ok.. we took our neo prints on this machine that we actually change our hair colour and wear fanciful contact lens and stuff.
no photos for this now.
shall blog up when i manage to get photos from wendy if she manage to get them scanned if not i'll blog them when i get the neoprints from her and scan them my own.
after which we went down to nike singapore and pop-by and "visit" dann.
that a super short while before we made our way to city hall and met gerry, yvonne and emily and went down to suntec's swensen's to meet the guys who were already there.

had a great dinner, painful one for gerry though...
full-stop. not going to go on why painful.

i had the seafood lasagna that's on the promotion menu for this month.
i think it taste nice.
it doesnt really feel like lasagna. i felt more like layers after layers of prawn and crabstick.
wendy had beef lasagna and she gave me one of the onion rings and that's also nice.
the beef lasagna had 2 think layers of spinach which looks super delicious too lah!

after my meal, i had ice cream!!!

it's the choco wonderland that's also part of the promotion for this month.
dont those gingerbread man just look so freaking cute!?
the sundae actually has 2 scoops of sticky choco mix ice cream but i changed them to hazelnut, frosted chocolate malt and cookies and cream ice cream as i dislike chocolate ice cream and sticky choco mix is even worst as i feel that it's bitter even though there it marshmallow topping mixed in it.
however, after eating it, i seriously think that i should have ordered this sundae without the cola sweets (sliver color sweets) that's on the sundae as it really is a bit irritating like eat half-way then suddenly have something very hard...

after our meal, we went to the arcade as merloin wanted to play some games.
and us girls?
we took neoprint!!!

photos of the process!

after having a crazy time taking photos...

this is one great time when you have infrared on your mobile phone cause (quite a number of) neoprint machines is able to send photos to your mobile phone via infared.
sadly singapore 's phones with infrared are like getting more and more rare already.

so till now, i only manage to have 3 photos and here's one of them!

note: lue song -- a guy is in the neoprint too...
all sisters (jie mei) mah~
lue song very man one okay?


before meeting wendy in the afternoon i went to daiso and got myself some things.

yeah~ another hair jappy accessory, fake nails so i can do nail art even if my nails are short and of course and can share more designs on my blog.
and also nail tips seal to stick fake nails on if i were to want to wear them out.
i used to use nail glue but it seriously damages my nails so i decided to find an alternative.

finally got to go to the beach after a long long time!!!

didnt put my extensions today as i do not want to dirty my expensive extensions which was my birthday present from my mom this year.

i met dann first before meeting ezzat, steve and merloin.
we had lunch then we made our way to sentosa.
went to siloso beach today as the guys wanted to play basketball.
and i just slept under on of the shelters along the beach while they play ball and swim.
it was super shiok so sleep that today lah~
the wind was super shiok!
for me i dont like to get tanned but you are one that loves sun-tanning, today's a really great day.
the sun was good and the wind was freaking shiok lah!

around 4pm plus, we made our way to palawan beach for our showers then to vivo city barcelos for that yummy burgers!!!
i did mention about this nice burger that serves nice burgers and if i didnt remember the spelling wrongly, it's "barcelos".

had chicken cheese burger today with veri peri patty.
for me i like the pine cheese chicken burger i had the other time more.
but this burger is still NICE!!!

for people that dont really eat spicy food like me but still wants something a little spicy can try patties of mild peri first.

i think for me i'll stick to mild peri.

after dinner we went to walk around and got some stuff from giant.
and i met a person that like on the list of "least expected people" that i'll meet.
i beat him once after he called me and he asked me "why you beat me?!"
and my answer was "cause i always beat you ar~"

that horrible person.
always ask him go out then always ok ok ok then last minute that day or the day before disappear and tell ignatius he not coming.
like what the bell lar...
i think the last time i saw him was darren's birthday last year which is like super long liao lar...
he last minute told me (or someone i forgot already) that he couldnt come for me birthday dinner last year
and a few months ago i asked them our for dinner and he suddenly tell igntius that he cannot come and didnt reply my sms at all that whole month before going out that day lah~

si ren tou!

that super correct nick name i gave him during secondary 3 when he was sitting beside me in class.

we didnt talk much as he was on the phone ans also he was with his dad.
i dont know why but it's the second time i see his dad and i just feel a little scared of him.

after buying from stuff and some food,
we made our way back home and tada!
i here blogging at home already...

that's about all for now.
good night everyone!!!

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