Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bolt in 3D

hey there everyone!
finally blogging after screen capturing and editing of some photos.


last night, dann and i went for a movie together and we watched...


and we didnt just watch bolt like any other normal movies in either normal movie version or digital version, we watched Bolt in 3D version!!!


but first i'm gonna start with the morning of the day.

firstly i had my one and only common test paper in the morning.

hmm... i shall say it isnt very good and so is it for any other people taking the same people. even theam huat was like telling me how horrible have he done and he was like shocked when i was writing and writing and writing. (he sat beside me but of course got an empty sit in between)

and i was sad when i came out from the lecture hall as i saw that none of my friends from the original class, still thinking, were waiting for me.
i was the last to leave the lecture hall and eng hua left like 2 mins before me.
they all waited for eng hua and walked him back to Blk S whereas i was all alone walking far behind them and seeing the sight that they were having such a great talk about the paper we just had (i supposed).
when i came out of the lecture hall, all i saw was theam huat and some of our other classmates that were taking the same paper as us.

well, what should i say,
my heart sank.

but life just has to go on isnt it?
good thing now that i have great lab-mates. even though we arent super close but just having some people to share certain things in school is good enough right?

oh i miss jess...


so after my one and only paper, i came back to the lab and started out with my work while watching the suite life on deck.
i gave up watching after watching one episode as the resolution is super horrible even on the small small resolution monitor here.

do do do...
then i met dann for lunch as dann wasnt working as this dear silly devil of mine walked in the rain from bishan to ang mo kio on monday and fell sick.
silly guy~
take bus only a few stops, why like that leh...

so after lunch, dann wanted to go ang mo kio central to get some stuff so heee... i pretended to refill my water bottle (for a freaking whole hour!?) and went to ang mo kio central with dann.
we went sportslink as dann wanted to get shoelaces which he didnt in the end as there wasnt the colour that he wants.
he ended up buying me a cortez and a nike headphone for himself as it's on a promotion that there's a discount for it if you spend at least $50 in a single receipt which obivious a cortez will cost more than that isnt it!? hahahaha...
and also, dann got me grey shoelaces for my new cortez! wahahahaha!!!

then it's time to go back to lab and dann to go see the doctor already. so dann walked me back to lab then go back to see the doctor (the clinic was closed before that).
now that i think of it, i feel quite bad making a sick person walk me back and bring my shoes (his) home for me first.

back to lab, do work, play game, what else? nothing lor...

after FYP, i went for JMD a while as i was meeting dann at 6.45pm whereas my FYP ends at 6pm. but to realise that the juniors were all still not there yet.
i asked jo "does practice start at 6pm or 6.30pm?"
then jo replied "6.30pm"
"6.30pm... does that includes warm up and stretching and stuff or not?"
"erm... supposingly no..."

case close.
even our dear JMD vice-head wasnt there.but that i can still understand cause he has to go bring the speakers and stuff over but WHERE'S THE REST???!!!

nothing to say liao...

i know that some of my lovely juniors will read this but oh well, i just cant bring myself not the type my thoughts out.

like what on earth can you all practise like that lar?
6.30pm start warmup and stretching.
by the time you stretch finish and stuff, it's like say 7.15pm like that?
then practise practise, pratise until 9pm then you all will start to get restless and wanna go home and rest or study as the fact now it's common test week... but ya.
can anyone tell me what can you really do in just about 1 hour 30 mins?!
answer: nothing.

you may say take this time to remember steps.
but shouldnt remembering of steps be part of your own homework when you are home or even on the train and stuff?
you dont have to do it fully out but at least recall the steps in your mind and stuff like that?!

dont know what to say liao...

seeing the fact that you all only have "proper" practices for open house on wednesday and staurday, i seriously dont think that staurday, a full whole saturday would be of any great help if this continues and wednesdays are practically a waste of time.

here i will say.
if you all need help, i am willing to help. but of course with what i am able to help with. like jia ying i cant really help her much as traditional isnt what i am strong at.
but if you all need help for hip hop of just wants someone to be there to see, or even to practice with you, as long as i have the time, i am really willing to help.
and if you think that anyone of the other members are wasting time of proper practices' slot time, please tell them nicely or something cause the price will really be paid after open house performances.
if you all want a time slot in next year's club crawl where there's totally nobody to watch your performances, then carry on.
oh wait.

if its like that, there wont be performances for club crawl but only performance. just one and only one performance.

my piece had been said and done.

soon i left as it was already 6.30pm. when was walking out and passed the auditorium, i was a group of FBodz people right outside the audi's door with some medics there. ok... so i supposed something happened and one the girl got injured and here came the medics. wao~
last was a wednesday, just one day away from tomorrow's first production's performance.

i just hope that everything will go well and i know that FBodz would be able to do adjustments quick enough to their formation or whatever by tomorrow (i suppose so...)

if you have not gotten your tickets yet, i think they are still selling it so you may approach FBodz's people if you have friends in there or through this website:

last free advertising for them! hahaha...

Nanyang Polytechnic's Foreign Bodies's First Ever Major Production This Friday and Saturday, 12 and 13 December 2008.
for more details please check out this website

ok. done.

after meeting dann at on the train, we made our way to orchard. we went to far east plaza first as dann wants to buy shoelacey~
he finally got a purple one though it isnt the colour he wanted initially. but oh well, he changed his mind alright. hahaha...

we went to this so called fastfood resturant, Mogu Mogu, that sells japanese food at far east plaza itself.
orders are made by this machine there where you just press press press the screen for whatever you want. i once wanted to work that as their female's uniform is so freaking cute~ hahaha... but after going that for dinner yesterday, i dont think they will need any more staff in near future... =p

these are the order receipt that the machine will "vomit" out once you have ordered and made payment. all the have to do is to just sit down and wait for you order number to be called then you go to the food counter to collect your food.

why like that one?!

cause it's a self-service fastfood resturant... hahahaha stated so big on the sign somemore...

yeah~ my salmon don!
it's actually very small lah... taste not bad lor... just felt abit weird cause their salmon is like warm as in room temperature whereas the ones that i always eat be it where are normally cool in temperature. the wasabi that they gave was like hard... so i didnt really eat my salmon with it.

dann had pork bowl. he said it taste alright lah.. hahaha...
didnt take a photo of it but the looks of it looks nice...

after dinner, we made our way to lido shaw to collect our movie tickets first before doing a little window shopping around isetan.

and yup! it's time for bolt in 3D!!!!

ok.. i did edit the photo above. heehee...

the movie was super cool and with the effects of it being a 3D movie, it's even way muich much more cooler than normal!!!
not only is the movie itself in 3D, even the trailers of other disney upcoming movies and stuff are also all in 3D!!!
cool lah~!


the story line though is kinda expected like disney movies always this then that will happen and stuff but it's still super nice! and bolt and the hamster rhino are SUPER CUTE LAH!!!

suddenly i thought of one of the hamster that i used to have but it ran away someday after my mom's friend ITCHY HAND go and touch the cage and most proberly not close the cage properly and cause my hamster to run away!!! argh!!! then my mom can still come and tell me "aiya never mind lah... hamster run away buy one more lor... but then he is very cute hor?"
like what the bell lah~ my beloved hamster run away still come and tell me such stuff!

back to the movie.
it's funny, adventurous and touching~~~ ='( sobz~

and hey people, if you were to want to watch it, i STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO WATCH IT IN 3D!!! though i know it's like $3 more but really it's super worth it!!!
Bolt in 3D is shown in Cathay the Cathay, Shaw Lido, GV Tampines and Eng Wah Suntec.
prices may vary but it should be around $10 for a normal weekday.
i know that Eng Wah actually charge you for the rental of the 3D glasses. Lido no charge for 3D glasses. i'm not too sure about the other 2 cinemas. you may wanna check it out first before deciding on where to watch it.

Bolt (in 3D): 5 STARS!!!



Bolt Wallpapers!

Characters' Pictures!
(you can use it for msn display picture or something if you want)

some pictures from the movie!
(Screen captured from website)

All Pictures and Images of Bolt are credited to Walt Disney Pictures.
Click here to go to the official website of Bolt.

after the movie which is already around 11pm, dann went to the shop for their "successful opening" celebration and i went home all by myself by train...

so i got home, showered and starting lacing up my cortez!

my cortez!!!

the dream shoe that i've always wanted when i was in secondary school cause like almost every other GB girl has one pair and like many many of the same shoe marching together, oh~ cool~
but ya... i wore my rebok baby blue tennis shoes until it got super dirty after GB camp during secondary 3 i guess... if not wrong...

and i said that dann got me grey laces also right...?


ok. i know that there's many many pink spots around and i admit that i didnt clean the picture properly, fully, but when i saw it will that i thought it was actually quite nice so i just left it like that.

i seriously cant believe but the size of this pair of cortez is actually a women's 6!!!
oh my!!!
when did my feet get so big?!

the JAP size stated 23cm so it's still ok lah..
i normally get JAP size 22.5cm shoes...

my very first pair of cortez,
very "first" pair of NIKE shoe!!!

if i didnt remember wrongly, i had a pair of NIKE shoes when i was primary 4, the whole thing was bright red with a shiny finish. but my mom took them out of the box, place it in the shoe cardboard with the shoes sticking to each other. and when i took them out wanting to wear them after like 2 weeks after the day we bought it and when i seperated the 2 shoes, the red finish just stuck to one another and there goes my very first pair of NIKE shoes and i havent even wore it before lor~ so FREAKING SAD!!!
spent... i forgot was it $60 or $80 for that shoe that time but i didnt even get to wear it... ='(

so... i suppose you can still count this cortez as my very first pair of NIKE shoes ba...

oh my! look at the time!
i started blogging this posting at 11.24am and now when i'm done it's 1.29pm!!!
i spent 2 hours on this post!

longest time taken to blog a post.
see you people everyone!!!
have a nice day and all the best in everything you do today!


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