Wednesday, 31 December 2008

崖の上のポニョ の魚は 私ですか?


ok... dann recently hav been calling me this fish in the new movie in cinemas, Ponyo on the Cliff, 崖の上のポニョ. he says that cause the fish looks like me!?

so what do you think?

he says that cause i also will do silly face like the fish in the picture above!?

meow~~~ and today he even asked me to go and learn the song of it lah! so we made a deal. i learn the ponyom (fish) song while he learn utada's kuma (bear) song! heehee...

ok... below is the video is the ponyo song with it lyrics and i seriously didnt felt quite happy when i saw the last 2 sentences of the song!!! you shall see for yourself...

ポーニョ ポーニョ ポニョ さかなの子
Po-nyo po-nyo ponyo sakana no ko
Ponyo ponyo ponyo the fish kid

Aoi umi kara yatte kita
Commimg from the ocean

ポーニョ ポーニョ ポニョ ふくらんだ
Po-nyo po-nyo ponyo fukuranda
Ponyo ponyo ponyo a girl having

Manmaru onaka no onna no ko
a round swollen tummy

ペータペタ ピョーンピョン
Pe-ta peta pyo-n pyon
Pat pat hop hop

足っていいな かけちゃお
Ashi tte iina Kake chao
It's good to have feet cuz I can run

ニーギニギ ブーンブン
Ni-gi nigi bun bun
clasp clasp boom boom

おててはいいな つないじゃお
Otete wa iina tsunai jao
It's good to have hands cuz I can hold your hand

あの子とはねると むねもおどるよ
Anoko to haneru to mune mo odoru yo
When I jump with the boy I get excited

wa-ku waku chu gyu
fun fun! mwah! hug!

wa-ku waku chu gyu
fun fun! mwah! hug!

Anoko ga daisuki
I like that boy alot!

Makkakka no

ポーニョ ポーニョ ポニョ さかなの子
Po-nyo po-pyo ponyo sakana no ko
The little red fish

Gake no ue ni yatte kita
Came to the top of the cliff

ポーニョ ポーニョ ポニョ 女の子
Po-nyo po-nyo ponyo onna no ko
Ponyo ponyo ponyo a cheerful girl having

まんまるおなかの 元気な子
Manmaru onaka no genki na ko
A round swollen tummy

And here's the kuma song, 僕は熊, by Utada Hikaru

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