Friday, 12 December 2008

Experience at Shokudo @ Raffles City

hey good morning everyone!!!

last night after FYP, dann and i made our way down to city hall to meet up with everyone else as we were celebrating OZ's birthday. we (or rather they) actually wanted to go the changing appetities. however, when dann and i were on our way on the train, dann received a sms stating the new location, shokudo at raffles city.

ok.. my dad once wanted to have dinner there before he has fallen sick and down with cancer. we didnt eat there in the end as it was seriously packed with people so we ended up having our dinner at sushi tei. yummy~ oh shit. now that i'm thinking of it i'm hungry already~

ok. that aside.

so yesterday was my first time dinning at shokudo and it feels like Marché but serving japanese food instead.
for me i've only been to Marché before but not eaten their food nor even try to buy food there as the one and only time i've been there so far was like 2 years ago on ma'am phet far's birthday.

so ok. after a few rounds around the stall in shokudo, i've decided on chicken and egg donburi. the stall is just opposite the yaki tori stall. dann ordered yaki tori and we got a sliced pork omelet (sorry if i spelled it wrongly) to share.

so TADA! here's our dinner!!!
ok.. not a great photo to show all the food but when i went back with my donburi, dann was already eating and the food doesnt really look that nice to take photo of. plus, like i said, dann was eating already. didnt want to knock his head with my mobile or anything... hahahaha...

here's the card where you'll be given and credited the amount for the food and drinks and stuff you bought and then pay when you're leaving just like in Marché.

in shokudo there's food like yakitori, donburi rice bowls, noodles like udon and soba, japanese curry rice, omu rice, japanese omelet, japanese pasta, pizzas and burgers, sushi and sashimi, japanese hotplate, soups, japanese drinks and deserts. (i think i listed them all out already...) might have left our some though...

sang birthday song for OZ and made him even more ma lu by singing louder and louder as his guy just wanted to hide more and more. hahahaha... present giving time was funny too as steve 'tricked' OZ by taking out a Nike wind runner first and when OZ wanted to take it then steve told him that "oh! that's mine not yours..." (something like that) hahaha...

so the actual present for him is jiang jiang jiang jiang~~~~ MAGIC CARDS!!!

after dinner we walked to funan and sat down and chit chat while jaeson helped jessica with her chinese homework (jessica is not chinese, different jessica here. jessica, not jess) and the guys play magic cards~ haiz... gerry went home after dinner as she has to prepare to shift house today... SOMEWHERE NEAR ME IN THE SAME NEIGHBOURHOOD!!! but sadly i'll be shifting house soon which i still have no freaking idea where on earth in singapore would that be... meow... and after the chit chat and stuff, i guess i no need to blog about it already as it's already stated in my previous post that i've blogged on the train last night so... full stop.

yeah~! today will be FBodz's first performance for their first ever production!!! will be going down with lue song, sok hiang and her friend. sadly dann wont be joining us as he's gonna go play ball. haiz... i didnt (really) ask dann if he wanna go for the production the other time when we were deciding whether to go or not as i thought that dann would most likely to be working as the productions are on friday and saturday which equals to busy day as there'll be many people going shopping along orchard road but i didnt know that dann would be having off today. and sadly he's playing ball with his friends.. some foreigner which i've never seen before. so ya... i'll be going to watch the production without dann alright..

received a message from a person (NYPian also i guess) on WhoLivesNearYou? asking if i'm actually in fb and performing. hahaha... here i state again, i'm from sakuran japanese clutural club not foreign bodies though i seriously have the thought of joining as a alumina after graduating as i seriously want a place where i can dance and Ardorythmatics has stopped all activites (or at least even in near future) as dann is busy with work and no dann = no stage arts alumina come down to teach also = no seniors will come down = no practice. and this had already went on for months ever sinced this year's natsu ended. but then again, this message here is not in anyway that i'm angry or irritated that people dont actually read my profile on the side bar. but ya.. just to make it cear to people that i'm not from foreign bodies. and the reason why i'm like posting and posting videos or even the posters of their production is just that i support jess and I LOVE DANCE!!!

so yup! yeah! production tonight! cant's wait. really hope that everything will go well especially after the other day where a FB person got injured. and hope that i wouldnt see any of the choreos put on stage these 2 days in any other free admissions performance. if i do see that, i can you i'm gonna be seriously angry and i dont know what i'll do after that! hahahaha~~~

all the best FBodz!
all the best JESS!!!


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