Friday, 12 December 2008

Back from FBodz's Production!!!

Taggy Reply!!!

BryaN: sorry but i found it online maybe you would like to search 家后 on baidu or yahoo china.

EV@yenniedoll: heee.. thank you~! (*^-^*)

hmmmm: personally i just feel that it'll be unfair for people who actually paid to watch it. but this is just my opinion.

yo everyone!!! quicky post over here before i go to la la land...

back after watching our dear foreign bodies's first day of production. i would say that my $10 for ths ticket was not wasted.

they have a total of 10 different dances/genres whatever you decide to call it. before the show really began, the MC did a short beatboxing just to warm the audience up.

a short clip here to share with everyone:

so then the show began first with a mass dance which didnt really felt like one... followed by hip hop fusion which felt more like a mass dance. they were like split into 2 groups wearing red and blue respectively. personally i feel that the people of the blue side is more sychro than the people from the red side.

short clips here firstly the reds:

(jess is the third person counting from the left)

then here's the blues:

(andee is the only one in orange pants/shorts)

so ya...
next up is the gender/couple dance which is mainly just hip hop but split into guys and girls part like that... oh the girls are sexy~~~

followed by street jazz. hmmm.. seriously the girl from Republic Poly is just just the best lar!and seriously not only am i saying talking about street jazz, she's practically best amond all girls in every single dance she has a part in!!! ok... got to know from dann that she's one of the best female dancers on singapore. wao~

here's a clip for street jazz:

(take note of the girl thats at the most right at the start of the video. she's the girl from RP i'm talking about!!!)

next they have popping and locking. hmm... i like the popping especially the part/way the poppers exit before the lockers come it. cool~ and funny. in a simple word, entertaining.

then a 15 mins break.

to start again they have whiney/spoofe. basically hip hop that's funny. it states on the program brochure, "Carpark madness. Fun, crazy, whacky, lame - who care?!"

followed by character dance. what should i say but THE RP GIRL REALLY ROCKS AND SHE'S LIKE SO SEXY LAH! ya i now i am a girl so~ can you freaking imagine?! hahahaha...

next, a smooth transition to ghetto krump.

then it's lyrical hip hop which both sok hiang and i think that they ended it to suddenly like we're into the mood already that END. just like that so erm..

last special dance, old school fusion. great entertainment value with te drama and stuff in it and i seriouslyt spotted a person doing mistakes and just like letting it be like that. will not blog her name out but to see a senior like this... tsk tsk tsk. so.. you all go guess for yourself ba.

and of course, foreign bodies's tradition to always have a mass dance at the end of the show.great quick fast smooth transition. but once again.. when everything ended they are once again self-highing on stage...

as a whole i would rate this production a 3 1/2 stars. the only thing i didnt like about it is the ending and transition of lyrical hip hop. and just many many mistakes, serious onces, and all i saw was mostly made by seniors (as in at least 2nd year in fb already). and one last thought of the whole FBodz today is that i feel that most of them felt like dancers and not performers. hmmm.... this sentence is kinda chim but as a dancer, a performer, i think you should understand this.

so if any of you people out here reading this post and have not gotten your tickets and wanna go to catch it for the last chance, you may going down and buy the tickets at the entrance tomorrow night at 7pm like that as i think they'll still be selling their tickets like they did today.

ok.. i didnt video alot cause i feel that if you watch it, you will have to pay for it just like everyone else. so ya... GO GRAB YOUR TICKETS!!!!!

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