Thursday, 4 December 2008

Past ----> Present

i felt abit bo liao and just kinda wanted to compare how i've changed for the past years sinced i started blogging.
cause that was the same year i started my WhoLivesNearYou? account which i just had refers from my profile there to my blog.
i was like "huh? WhoLivesNearYou? does anyone still use that?!"


i think quite a handful of you people also have an account there which is already collecting dust for... years like me?
but of course, for overseas readers you may not know about this.

it's a community like friendster and stuff.
however, you get to know people who lives in your neighbourhood, near you and stuff.
but... it was seriously boring then which resulted in me not logging in there anymore.
and ahem.
it still is.

i've added quite some of my friends and seriously, no one updated their photos and stuff.
many of them who are already working for a couple of years but their profile still states "student" for their occupation.
really had quite a good laugh.

so... ok.

time for you to laugh at me photos.
but first i have to admit that i found the nicest photo i could find of me during that year lah...
or rather my favourite photo of that particular year.
laugh people

i starting blogging when i was in my secondary 3 days...
year 2004.

i was super cam-whoring that time with my newly made earrings by myself and the camera my sister's boyfriend got her.
it was the only digital camera in the house then.

then year 2005, secondary 4 days.

the best photo i could find as i seriously had to favourite that year.
and seriously i will not blog my prom photos.
they are scary enough to be place in a post on my blog already and seriously...
i looked horrible during prom!

next on i started my poly life, freshie in year 2006.

taken in august after my birthday someday where i got super bored and started cam-whoring.
and yup!
i was in the dress i got myself for birthday that year during a shopping day out with jess and eugenia at far east plaza.

next, last year my poly year 2 days.

favorite photo of the year which actually attracted the most number of views on my friendster account in just a few days once i uploaded it as my primary photo.
but soon after i changed it, the number of views started to fall again...
people are just so realistic.

this year as in presently now.

believe many of you have seen this photo already on my blog.
currently on favorite photo of myself and also the wallpaper on my mobile.
i set it as my mobile cause of course i love this photo cause i look freaking lady-ly pretty in it and another reason is because i'm sad that dann no longer put our photo on his mobile as wallpaper so i decided not to put a photo that has his face on mine.
pretty right~?
the magic of hair extensions.
they make you pretty and so lady in just minutes!

i guess nowadays extensions are so common and stuff that almost everyone is doing it.
however, from my various friends that did extensions many told me that it can be quite uncomfortable especially the beginning as you're not used to it and stuff.
so personally, i prefer clip-on extensions.
cause i dont have to go through all those uncomfortable thingy and stuff.
i can just take it out once i reached home and wash them dry them much more easily too.

ah~ i wanna get more of it as the amount of hair that dropped for the past few weeks is actually quite a lot.
i shall save money and faster get some more.
sadly, the ones that i have now are no longer in-stocks in that taiwan site that i've gotten them already.
oh well..
just hope that the ones they have now and if i'm getting them will be the same as the ones i have now.

oh ya!
one more point to why i prefer clip-on extensions than the ones you get that are so called "permanent" ones.
you get to tie your hair in more ways without people knowing and seeing the clips or metal pieces and stuff on your hair.

that's all for now.
have a nice day everyone!

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