Saturday, 27 December 2008

Ip Man.
ring ring ring~

ok... today i went down to school. supposingly to choreo dance with lue song as he asked me if i wanted to choreo a dance to this koda kumi song which i've forgotten the title of it. hahahaha... but in the end he had something to help wilson, the L not AAA head, for some cosplay stuff and i guess he'll be cosplaying too? saw he getting ready and stuff... so in the end, no choreo. will do it next time. meow~

then next i went to north canteen to help dann, uncle xiang min and merloin. by the time i went there they had already finished their lunch after basketball so i ate mine while listening to whatever the topic were about. hahahaha... then next OZ came and ezzat too after JMD has ended. we actually planned to play badminton and zhi sen and i had already booked the courts (xiang min asked zhi sen to book court). however, we didnt play in the end as our school's badminton team was still having their training even though it was already after their training time slot.

so we all went to shower and basically i just went to school for lunch and shower. (-_-'")

next dann, merlion and i went to vivo city and we caught a movie too! and yeah! we watched 叶问 Ip Man !!!

ok... i was supposed to watch this movie with my dad but he went to watch it after getting well without me~ ='(
it was like him who asked me if i wanna watch or not one lor~

ok... so while waiting for the time for the movie, we went for a walk around vivocity and we walked passed this sale they had outside PUMA by cold storage and i was attrached by the big apple poster. i went over and they are actually selling different kind of apple juices!!!

dann got me this fuji apple juice and merlion got himself 2 bottles. one fuji apple juice and one royal gala apple juice! and hey people, guess how much does one of these 350ml bottle of apple juice costs?

answer: $4.90 SGD!!!

and merloin actually got 2 bottle lah~!

ok... i havent drank mine... wanted to drink it during the movie but i totally forgot about it! too into the movie liao~

and also, dann got me this!

a bear bear head cushion!!! wahahahaha!!!

see! it's like so big lah! just the head only lor~
but oh well, i nice to hug!!!! heehee...

ok... after getting some snacks, it's time for the movie -- Ip Man!!!

IT IS GREAT!!! sadly we were seated at the first row so i didnt really caught the whole view of the movie especially during the action fighting scenes. but STILL! it's very nice!!!
rating for this show: 5stars!!!

ok... here's another poster for Ip Man:

ok... i like Donnie Yen's shows/movies.
*that reminds me that i havent finished watching 精武门*

here's the photo of the scene i can say i like most in the whole movie! hahahaha...
wanna know why?
go watch the movie yourself! hahaha... no spoilers here.

this movie is to celebrate the Kung Fu Master of Bruce Lee!!!

a desktop wallpaper if anyone wants it. hahahaha...

so after the movie, the 3 of us went back home to put down our stuff before going out for dinner. well, we had stingray and some 煮炒 near sembawang shopping centre. and after dinner, we all went back to dann's house where merlion tried on dann's windrunners before going home. and then it's dann and i watch tv , then dann sent me to the mrt station when it was time for me to go home.


ok.. that's all about my day today.

the photos for my christmas celebrations are still under editing so it should be posted up tomorrow as i'll be like at home the whole day~ hahaha...

so for now, good night everyone!
and i'mback to editing the photos~ hahahaha...

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