Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Ho Ho Ho~ Christmas is 2 days away!!!

ho ho ho everyone!!!
yup!!! Christmas is super duper uper close right now!!! wahahahaha... and i just cant wait to spend the great times with my friends!!!

just received a sms from Eugenia this morning at 2.41am, and YUHU!!!! this woman is finally back in Singapore!!! even though she's only gonna stay for like a short time... ='( miss her freaking lots lah!!! i was abit surprise cause the phone number using is still the same as the one she used like... last year before we flew to Switzerland? didnt expect her to retain her 'old' Singapore mobile number. well, i did ask her if she's going down to zhi hui house tonight for our still thinking Christmas celebration, but i guess this girl is still sleeping in the comfort of her bed ba. hahahaha...

yesterday i had lunch with dann and xiang min as both of them were on off and they came back to school for swim swim. and we also went down to take a look at my lovely juniors practising for open house which isnt very far away liao... the first day of open house is on the 8 january, thursday, which is like around 16 days away only? ganbatte ne minna!!! i'll find time to go down and watch when i'm like done with the bring all the secondary people around on tour. hahaha...

so after FYP, well i went down to plaza singapura to get all the stuff and present for dann which i've already wanted and planned to buy for like weeks but i havent got them as i do not have the money to buy them yet, then. well... i was paid you know... for working for my sister. hahaha... so like 1/4 of it went to dann's Christmas present which is like half the price of it already. hahaha... *ok. i did not blog about the amount of my pay right?*

after getting dann's present at precious tots (he already know his present is from there so it doesnt matter), with all the squeezing and somehow tripping over boxes along the way in the shop itself as it was totally disorganised and messy with boxes lying all over the place and the worst part of it is that all these boxes were not like dropped by customers or what, they are all boxes placed there for various promotions and items. so... it's the 'shop' that wanted them to be placed like that, i guess... seriously no place to walk in there. like... precious tots that is already very small and stuff, but with all the boxes, they took up like half the walkway which made is super irritating to shop there when there's like so many people shopping also lah!

so ok. back to where i interrupted myself. after getting the present, i went to daiso to get some boxes and stuff need for wrapping blah blah blah... and as usual, daiso is always super pack but this time, super duper uper worst! and the people there are horrible lor~ i did tell them "excuse me" and some just stood there somemore. and i met like a couple of them that i actually told them the 2nd time "excuse me" and i super sure they can hear cause i was like almost talking into their ears already AND THEY STILL JUST STOOD THERE!!! oh my~ can you believe it? and like 90% of them are thin BUT THEY ACTUALLY TAKES UP 2 PERSON'S SPACE when browsing through the items!!! so after i told them "excuse me" for the 2nd time and they still dont move, then i'll just like bang my way through and they still will like very unhappy and look back at me and go "TSK!"!!! FREAKING IRRITATED AH!!! not like i didnt say "excuse me" or what or... I SAID TWICE!!! roar!!!!!

finally gotten the stuff i need and then there were like a super duper uper long queue at the counter. wanted to just like "hai! forget it dont buy liao~" BUT! i have to use the boxes and stuff like earliest tonight for the gift exchange for still thinking and if i do not buy them yesterday, i dont have a chance anymore! haiz... sickening school!

after getting done with buying the stuff from daiso, i made my way down to uncle xiang min's house as i wasnt meeting zhi hui in the end to make her NikeID tee as she has stuff to do so called last minute.

so i went down to xiang min's house and when i got there, all of them were watching superman and have not started with the tree. hahaha... but soon, superman ended and the decorating of tree starts!!!

decorating the turned-yellow-supposingly-white Christmas and dann doing a great job of eye-power @-@ and also taking photo lar~ hahahaha...

and the tree all done! wahahahaha~~~!!!

ok... photos are from dann's blog so i didnt edit them wahahaha... (partially lazy too =p)

so after getting the tree put up, dann and i went home by cab and had some time together watching TV. hahahaha... watched yi zhi mei. well.. bloody fighting ar~
we didnt really like spend alot of time together cause i have a train to catch. meow~ but oh well! i had a great day! heehee...

well hope that everyone gets all prepared for Christmas already!
hope this Christmas would be a great one like my great birthday this year! wahahahahaha!!!!


and yeah~~! i'll be having lunch with uncle xiang min and OZ today!!! not alone!!! wahahahaha!!!

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