Wednesday, 17 December 2008

updates on mommy's birthday!

ok.. here's a quick post before i go off to la la land and wander all over the island! hahaha...
here's the photos taken on raymond's camera on sunday night during and after my mom's birthday dinner!

while waiting for my mom to arrive at the coffee shop...

this is like SO CANDID lah!!! and ya.. i only have one bugs bunny tooth! heehee... cute right?
ok. not helping i know.
i admit i did photoshopped myself to appear slimmer cause i seriously look FAT in the original photo. or at least, i feel so.

my sister and i ordered Jia Jia herbal tea~ well... hopefully it helps to cool down or whatever after eating all those heaty food.

and then i my mom arrived like dont-know-how-long later!

ok... i seriously feel that raymond is trying his best to get evidence proving that as i grow older, i look more like my mom. so... what do you think?

and we waited for food to be served...


today's menu:

chilli crab!

seafood soup with tou fu!

onion omelette!

yummy cereal prawn!

and also we had chicken wings from the western food stall but neither does raymond or i have a photo of it. meow~

oh man! sinced when on earth did my mom learnt to pose like that?!

hahaha... guess it's all the influence from the studets that always goes for fish spa at my mom's work place~ hahahaha...

after dinner...

the black forest cake i got for my mom from four leaves, shared by my sis and i!

and a wonderful, non-peacefully birthday song singing session and wish making session!!!

oh well, that's all! gonna go and sleep now.
good night everyone!
sweet dreams!

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