Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Taggy Reply!!!

Raymond: Bingo... tt's right... hahaha ^^

trix: (-_-'") i have nothing to say liao... *sigh*

chin: hihi...^_^

trix: hihi (*^-^*) thanks for dropping by!

desudesu: 23rd dec, there will be jmd party. pls meet at amk mrt @ 5pm. we will have dinner first, follow by games in sch and exchanging of gifts, so pls buy ONE gift only for exchange

trix: sorry but i'm not able to go as i already have something on with my classmates. you all have fun oh~ (*^-^*)

ok... yesterday after FYP, i went to meet dann who was already at plaza singapura. on my way there, i met uncle xiang min on the train. hahahaha... first saw a super familar iTouch pouch then the nike skateboard shoes lastly followed by that hairstyle. ok. confirm. it's uncle xiang min. hahahaha... the train ride to dhoby ghuat was seriously long and i seriously do not understand why. like.. it didnt rain super heavily yesterday so by right trains should be like jammed or something. plus! most of the time when the train started moving slowly was when the train is already underground which by right shouldnt happen such a stuff even more isnt it?

oh well.. so we reach dhoby ghuat at say around 6.45pm then we went to world of sports to meet dann and ezzat. then we made our way to the food court near the place where we (or rather they) always play pool at. hmm.. forgot the name of the building. wahahaha... when we were like at the building walked towards the foodcourt, i spotted a shirt in factory outlet store and i seriously cant stop myself from buying it!!!

so cute right!!!!???
bought this shirt with the pay i got from my sister for helping her a few weeks back.
(photos of the decor will be posted up real soon!)
like how often can i come across anything sold in the market that has my name (or even part of it) except the cereal which i dont really like and like what's the point of having a CEREAL BOX?! and its like so freaking hard to find anything else like keychains and stuff that has even part of my name it in lar~ of course, EXCLUDE CUSTOMISED ONES!!!

so after getting my shirt and dann gotten a pants for himself, we went to the food court for dinner!!! and jaeson came down to meet us after his filming and jessica after her chinese lessons. yeah~! this time i still had korean food but i ate the fried korean glass noodles instead. yummy~ should bring zhi hui there someday. hahahaha...

next we went for pool whereas jessica and i had donuts and i chatted with uncle xiang min whenever he's not playing. and later on gerry came to join us afetr her work too~ hahahaha... but then soon i had a horrible gastric and haiz.. went searching for milk with dann. meow~

after pool we went back to plaza singapura's mcdonalds where dann and uncle xiang min got some drinks before we all went home.

hahaha... ok.
that's all.
have a nice day everyone!

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