Wednesday, 17 December 2008

lucky queen!

just checked my cozycot email and i found this!

(click to enlarge)

wu hu~~~ second time winning something from cozycot this 2 months! hahaha... hmm... i wonder what would there be this time... hahaha... guess i'll only know it when i go collect it myself. wahahaha~~~!!!

and once again, if you wanna have a chance to win yourself some stuff and get exclusive invites and discounts or promotions, JOIN COZY COT!!! you can find the cozycot badge under fun links on my side bar or just simply click on the banner that's at the end of this post!
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so today i went down to shiseido's office for the ettusais ambassador 2009 meet-up. and seriously, i never know that Z.A is actually under shiseido until i went to the office just now. i always thought it's like some US brands like loreal or maybeline etc etc... hahaha.. please forgive me of my lack of knowledge in this area.

so basically the whole meet up is about getting to know the bloggers more and stuff. will not go into details as i feel like i'm telling private stuff to the whole world. so... ya... for now only dann and i know and of course all the other pretty bloggers that got shortlisted as well. oh ya... and the lady, iris, actuallt told me that they actually shortlisted 30 people out of like 300 people (which i am 1 of the 30 people duh~) and ya they'll be selecting the final 10 by the end ot this month.

*oh i hope i get selected~!* ( > . < )

after the meet-up, i went to buy the present for gift exchange for still thinking's christmas party this tuesday at zhi hui's house. ok... though it isnt really confirmed yet but sinced zhi hui said "most probably" so i shall just get one as i wouldnt be free for shopping anymore i guess... hahaha... so just get it. will not say what i bought as it may us fall into the hands of someone of still thinking as an exchange present.

then after that i went over to nike singapore not only to find dann but THE BALLET SHOES!!! hahahaha... ok.. not really ballet shoes ballet shoes, but.. hmmm... i dont know how to describe. you shall go take a look for yourself. sadly, it's like so out of what i am able to afford of for a shoe. meow~ LOVE THE COLOR TOO!!! hahaha...

then dann and i had subway for dinner during his break. ok.. the subway is at heeren's basement which i think no one actually goes there? hahaha... the basement is like empty one lor... hahaha... after dinner we went to flash and splash and dann got myself a stussy shirt and handphone strap. hahahaha... one happy guy again~ hahaha..

soon dann had to go back to work and i waited for him beside the escalator as he went to the toilet at level 1 of heeren. and i turn and saw this right beside of me...

it seriously freaked me out lor~ i remember flipping through a bochure of this brand like last year or the year before and it like all the models are zombies~ argh~ freaky~!
(cant believe i actually took photo of it, edited it and blog it up somemore!)

so dann and i parted outide takashimaya where dann went back for work and i went to the basement to get some gifts for gerry, sok hiang and yvonne. hahaha... and still. not gonna blog what i've got them. hahahaha... serioulsy wonder when am i able to meet yvonne and pass her her present. hahaha..

after getting the presents then i took a long train ride and bus ride home. and... i went crazy~! lol...


have a good rest everyone!
good night!

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