Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

ok... gonna keep this post short as i really wanna go and sleep already.

basically i celebrated my new year's eve at xiang min house AND NOT ALONE!!! wahahahaha...

and for my very first day of this new year, i finally got somehow-a-treat from ignatius after years!!! wao!

gonna blog in so-called detail tomorrow when i'm in school then.

new year, new look?

this is a photo i took of myself, cam-whoring at home after putting on my fake nails that i've painted like weeks ago while waiting for kathy to sms me. if you wanna know how to have this design or see it clealy, you can find the link to the 3rd nail art design on the side bar under nail stuff. and wu hu~ i was wearing my latest favourite ettusais liquid eye shadow that's like super shimmery, super glittery lah!!! LOVE IT!!!

so for now,
good night everyone!
have a sweet sweet dream!

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