Friday, 19 December 2008

shopping shop shop!

yoyo everyone!!! good morning!!! ok.. i'm blogging to distract myself from feeling hungry. =p

so happy today i'll be going out with my twin jin after fyp. but first gonna go collect my stuff from cozycot. hahahaha... and here's a sales that we'll be going! wahahaha... i felt so special when i received this email from ettusais on tuesday.

(click to enlarge)

ok... it may not be a big deal for many other bloggers especially pretty and famous ones but it's my first time being invited for a private event, well this case a private sales. oh well, even if i dont get to be their ambassador, i still like their products so i shall get some today during the sales if there's still anything left for me. hahahaha... go down late... sian...


oh well, my dad just called me like around an hour ago and asked me if we wanna go for a short holiday next week. and once again...

argh~~~ christmas eve i dont think there's half-day as our dear school isnt that kind i feel. and boxing day we have to come back once again cause it's not stated on the calendar that it's a public holiday!

ok... done complaining and stuff. shall not make this spoil my mood for shopping later on. sadly heng jie cant join us as she has something on. *sobz* oh well... next year isnt far away you know~ hahahaha...

ok... that's all for now~

hungry trix sign off here.

OH! i'm wearing my "I (HEART) TRIX" shirt today!
hahaha... so zhi lian of me~ =p bleah~

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