Wednesday, 3 December 2008

End of Presentation!!!

just finished my presentation...

super nervous sia~
good thing the lecturer didnt ask me any questions that will shoot me or anything~


and just before my presentation, i went for this briefing as i'm nominated by my supervisor(again) to be involved in this year's NYP Open House 2008.
not gonna be performing this year but instead i'm gonna be a tour guide bring KIDS! around the school...
oh well...
beats sitting here in the lab though.

but it really was brainlessly stupid for a whole lot of people to actually find our name, sign against our name and state the t-shirt size we want for our open house t-shit t-shirt.
the briefing lasted for around 25 mins and i freaking bell waited 35 mins to sign me stupid name!

my name is NOT STUPID! and defintly not "Stupid" either...
being lame.
can you freaking bell imagine i actually had to so called snatch to get my name signed?
if not i'll be freaking bell still waiting there like a whole lot of them were still when i left.
if it wasnt for me needing to come back and present,
i might not mind just sitting there and wait.
oh no wait!
i still do not want to!
freaking brainless waste of time lor!

and the lecturer sharon also brainless one sia~
so freaking hard for us to get our name signed lah~
then tell us go briefing didnt tell us to bring pen.
in the end everyone else just borrow or grab any pen someone else is using and sign lor~
freaking stupid!


i notice i've been scold many people brainless these few days but it seriously isnt my fault though there may be also lah...
but ya.
brainless people!
like that guy i mentioned in last week's post.
also brainless one~

will someone actually die if they do not have a brain?
i meant it in the end like the brain is the heart that kind but not die eventually without a brain as you cant freaking walk, eat etc etc...

so ok.
i conclude, they are not brainless.
they just have a brain but do not know or want to use it.
now that's correct!

so you see...
i'm typing.
so i'm freaking bell not brainless.
i can think.
so i'm not someone that does not know or want to use my brain.
i may not be clever i admit.
but at least i still think!
not like brainless people!

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