Friday, 5 December 2008

one type of doll is gonna extinct
less doll choises for kids

Ruling could mean end to pouty-lipped Bratz

Mattel wins four-year legal dispute over saucy, popular dolls

NEW YORK - Pouty-lipped Bratz will stay on store shelves until after the holidays, but their fate after that — and that of their parent, MGA Entertainment Inc. — was uncertain Thursday after a federal court ruling banning MGA from making the saucy Barbie alternative.

MGA is appealing the ruling which — if upheld — is a severe blow for the company and an equal boon for Barbie maker Mattel Inc., which has been duking it out with MGA over Bratz for four years.

“In the most dire scenario, MGA can’t sell Bratz at all and a humongous chunk of their business disappears,” said Needham & Co. analyst Sean McGowan. “But it’s likely they will work out a way for MGA to stay in business but Mattel to profit.”

read full story on MSN here

for me...
i'm glad to see this news cause that means there's one type of doll less in toy stores to freak me out especially the BRATZ's make up one where there's only the head of it there for kids to put make-up on them.

but on the other hand i feel sad for kids that love BRATZ and seriously, they arent bad looking~

so what about you?
or just dont care cause it does not bother you?

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