Saturday, 20 December 2008

it was a happy day

after my fyp today, or rather yesterday, i went down to bugis to collect the stuff i've won from cozycot.

ok... i think all the stuff have been redeemed by other cotters as i heard the conversation of the people in charged there. and here's all i'm left with and gotten.

voucher for the face shop and some facial voucher too... well.. will be giving them away as i dont think i'll even use the face shop voucher. as for the 2 A4 sized paper there, well... i'm sure gonna go collect it.

2 pairs of freshkon alluring eyes contact lens!!!
wu hu~
i think it's been like more than a year sinced i last had my contact lens that was in the mystical black shade and that was like when the winsoms brown just got released... so i've got 2 pairs going to be given to me and i'm like going to email the redemption side soon after scanning those documents.

after that i went down to shiseido for the private ettusais sales. and here's what i've got!

i got myself 2 bottles of nail polish and a bottle of liquid eyeshadow from ettusais as shown the first 3 items from the left. and i also bought 2 eye shadows. Shiseido Maquillage Sparkle Contrast Eyes for myself and Shiseido PN Gradational Eyes for li jin. though it the end we did not meet as she suddenly had to work over time. haiz...

and all of these of i got them like at super bargains price lah~
guess how much does all these i bought costed me.

or even over $200?

no no no no no... you are all wrong. i only got them ALL in total for $62 SGD okay~ but i seriously regret not getting the shiseido pink liquid eye shadow that retail price is like $42 and selling for only $12!!! (i heard the sales telling another customer)
argh~... oh welll.. forget it. i hardly wear pink anyway~

ok that's my hand after leaving shiseido. and pink shiseido eye shadow i regretted not getting is the one on the left most and my ettusais eye shadow is the one on the most right hand side. the 2 in between were pressed eye shadow both from ettusais too selling at $10 each. seriously... i actually didnt get the ettusais eye shadow but when i was queuing to get my bag back, i looked at my hand and decided to go back for it. and after the second payment, gotten my bag, left the building then i regretted not getting it. like... it's $12!!! and the ettusais one is $15~ haiz... never mind... like i said, (to comfort myself too) i hardly wear pink.

then i went for shopping for gift exchange, went to nike for awhile, talked to dann a little and then came home. but before that i went to buy dinner which dann bought me!!! ok.. he didnt exactly buy me dinner but he did.

yeah~ happy shopper~

then i came home, eat my dinner and started helping my sister with tons of flowers for the decor(s) tomorrow. it's like the whole house smell of roses lah~ ok. i know roses are supposed to smell nice and stuff, but having THAT much flowers in the house~ no.

oh ya~ i almost got knocked down by a motorbike on my way home. i was just walking as usual. came to this very small road it's like a T shape. so this motoriest was driving his motor and i saw him turning out to like the bottom of T. so ok... then i crossed the road which is the top line of T and this motorist just suddenly changed his mind or something and turn back going towards my direction. and as i was looking of the my right hand side (the motor was on my left hand side) i didnt know that he actually made a so called U turn and the motor was like 1 meter away from me! fortunately the passenger on the motor alert me by shouting "oei! oei!" well... if it wasnt for him i think i wont be here blogging right now. guess i'll be sent to the nearest hospital or something.

lucky me i guess.

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