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Christmas this 2008

23 December 2008, Tuesday.

this night Still Thinking gathered at Zhi Hui's house for a early Christmas celebration. i met Shyan and Ying Zheng at the bus stop near the mrt station then we went to Hui's house together. all of us were like fed till we explode that night lah~!

it's Christmas! so of course there's turkey! but when i first saw it, erm... i was like thinking "where's the turkey? i dont see it?" hahahaha... dont you feel that it just looked like some herbal chicken? but seriously, it's cooked by hui's parents (dad i think) and it really taste super good!

porridge cooked by hui's parents also. ok... i seriously cant name everything that's inside the porridge cause there's seriously too many 料 inside liao!!! got chestnut (栗子), 2 types of meat etc etc etc.

CHOCO LOG CAKE!!! hahahaha... a so-called must have during Christmas!!! although ya... i dont eat chocolate cake, but was alright for me which means not bad or even good for other people that actually eats chocolate cakes.

and the night we were all fed fruits after fruits and more nonya khui till all of us were super full lor~ we even had to end up playing 终极密码 to determine who eat the remaining khui!

everyone that was present that night. arron was on a trip to Thailand and Eugenia didnt join us that night too~ meow~ of course, there are still other people that didnt come too...

next we swapped places...

see the guys so 娘~ lah!

hahaha... all of us became hui's parents' children that night. 11 children!!!

yo! this is jess and i! hahaha... ok... i just labeled her my dance buddy a few days ago... wahahahaha... seriously miss the time we had dancing with eugenia, with nic when we were in year 1 and 2.

and it's time for gift exchanged!!!

we picked out pieces of paper one by one starting from the youngest to determine our presents and everyone was like praying hard not to get desmond's present!!! hahahaha...
(you will know why soon...)

here's the people that picked number 1 - 6!!!

ok.. a better photo here. hui's eyes were closed in the previous photo.

and here's the people that picked number 7 - 11!!!
i got number 10!

Number 1!!! and ying zheng's present is from jess!

Number 2 and 7. 2 is ting who got robin's present who is number 7. hahahaha...

Number 3, Eng Hua!!! and his present is from Zhi hui!!! ok... this photo seems like it's eng hua that's giving the present to hui and not the other way round right? hahahaha...

Next, the unfortunate Jeremy.

Number 4, Jeremy, who had gotten Desmond's present...

this is the present. a seriously under budget solar swinging monkey. i didnt lie when i saw it on promotion lor!!! not sa bo one!!!

Next 5, Zhi Hui! and her present if from Yi Ling.

and TADA!!! this is the present hui gotten from yiling!!!

Number 6, Jess!!! and her present is from Jeremy. ok... jeremy kept saying that his present cant be gotten in Singapore as it's imported.

*drum roll!!!*


and here's jess's present!!! imported chocolate!!! ok. how many people out here haven seen this chocolate sold in super markets in Singapore before? hahaha...

Number 8, Desmond! who have gotten the present from Eug Hua!!!

Number 9, Shyan!!! and she got the present from Ying Zheng which she already know what is it even before opening...

Number 10, ME! and my present is from Shyan!

and here's me opening the present... hahaha...

and lastly,

Number 11, YiLing!!! and her present is from me!

there's this reindeer nose light thingy i bought that's part of the present and whoever got my present have to wear it on the spot. so... sorry YiLing!!! i meant to sa bo a guy~!

isnt she cute? heehee...

ok... after having our gift exchange, we hang around hui's house, watching 小娘惹 together while robin try to help ting fix the crystal puzzle (it's like super pretty! i think i'm gonna get one for myself and fix it) and the rest of us got stuffed with more fruits. hahahaha...

all of us left like around 10.45pm like that after settling all the remaining nonya khui. i was fortunate enough to catch the last train home~ yeah!!!

24 December 2008, Wednesday.

after my half-day for FYO that day, i went home to pack my stuff and the broken present i got for gift exchange before making my way down to orchard to get it changed and also to kinokuniya to get my book!!!

yeah!!! i've got my book!!! even though it has small fonts and is quite a thick book (for my standard), i'll try my best to finish the book!!! hahaha... i had never ever finish such a book before lor~ unless it's chinese novels. hahahaha...

ok... the next photo may freak you out a little so get yourself prepared.


so i kinda had a little with my book and here's me.

hahaha.. ok. how? did u hop a little? heehee...

after getting the present changed and my book, i went down to meet uncle xiang min and the rest. we got drinks and snacks and also our dinner, KFC!!!

after reaching xiang min house, soon ezzat and gerry and steve arrived and we're all ready to start dinner!!!

we had our dinner on the floor like a picnic as there's seriously too many of us! hahaha...

and let's start eating!!!

gerry reaching out for the chicken!!!

here's the christmas tree with all the presents under it!!! yeah!!!

saddly jessica had to leave earlier so she picked her present first before leaving. and she got my present!!! heehee...
i got her present last year which is a book which i havent started reading. =p

ok... basically we spent our night playing wii and the magic card gang playing duty call instead as magic cards were banned that night.

waited for dann to come after his work before we had our cheese log cake!!! and also some ice wine and gift exchange! well i got the present from OZ. and i got more presents from gerry and dann and gerry and i opened the present sok hiang gave us togther too!! ah!!! just what i needed! a mug! my mom broke my cup months ago and didnt tell me. i only found out like weeks ago and i was still under a "petition" by drinking from the bottle itself until i get myself a cup/mug. ok. i made sure i was the only one that drink from that bottle. and i bought my own drink during that period.

25 December 2008, Thursday.

woke up in the morning around 9am and found ezzat sill playing wii. ok.. he played the whole night playing resident evil.

after eating the breakfast that xiang min's mom had prepared for us, i came home to put all my stuff and presents down while the rest either go work or meet other people and stuff.

i seriously had a hard time coming home as i was carrying alot alot of things. just imagine, i had my big bag on one shoulder, one big paper bag on the other, and had 2 big boxes of presents on my hands. so... ya... to think that i'm only 1.60m tall and the bags on my shoulders were like to my butt already... haiz...

after coming home, i rested for just a short while before preparing to go out again.

went down to vivo city first to get the presents for my dad and stepmom before going down to keppel country club with my sister and raymond. ok... at first my dad told us to go to the yatch club but when we were on our way, reaching the yatch club, my dad told us to go to keppel instead as his friend invited him to the pub there.

so my dad and raymond were playing pool there and my dad was like teaching some tips too. heehee...

this is my sis just sitting by the table and drinking her tomota juice.

ok. my sick sister. hahahaha...

these are the only things there was to eat then as the western food stall downstairs just closed when i got there and the chinese food restaurant wasnt opened yet.

while waiting for my song to come... cam-whore a little.

i was like so bored there so the only i ha to do there is to either eat (which the food came much later like 2 hours later i've been there), cam-whore, watch tv or jut sing karaoke when it's FINALLY my turn.

at the staris near the bar

ok... so i stayed at the bar from like 3pm - almost 8pm. my sister and raymond left for another christmas celebration at around 5.30pm. and i was so bored that i even fell asleep while sitting by the window.

after that, my dad's friends left but my stepmom's sister's family came and we went to ParaMakan for dinner. hmmm... weird dinner.

after the quick dinner, my dad dropped me at square 2 where i took the mrt to meet dann after his work.

we went to his house and we took some photos at his house area and here's some of the photos i like most.

o. i admit that i photoshopped the photos as i look fat! time to stop eating that much!

ok... we didnt really had a long time together as soon we had to go out and had supper with daniel, pei di, shang wen and vironica. (i guess i spelled the name wrongly). well they chatted and listen story. hahaha... and when it's like around 1am already, daniel drove me back home first before driving dann back and go home. so when i got home, i quicly wash up then go la la land sleep sleep liao... hahaha...

that's all for my christmas celebrations this year!

yeah~ finally posted up! wahahahaha...

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