Thursday, 18 December 2008

hungry thus emo

today i had lunch with dann and daniel and because of the twilight movie thingy, i got super upset with myself. actually, i have been like super upset and disappointed of myself ever sinced tuesday night.i cant sleep in peace and i just keeping of this matter even when i'm like showering.

sorry jun hong for scary you on the way back to lab after lunch.

so after fyp, i went down to the cathay to meet uncle xiang. jesscia and her friend were late as they went to bugis to get some stuff first. and ya... *mono tone* we watched twilight...

ok... i edited the poster to the 2 sentence i remember most of the movie. the movie was not bad, 2 hours long movie. ok... i just LOVE vampire movies!!! so ya... maybe i'm bias in a way or another... but maybe it's because i've never read the book before. therefore i feel that the movie is not bad... overall, 3 and a half stars for the movie as the final climax was kinda disapponting. but i still feel that the development of the movie is good.

and also, it will be even better if dann was there, too...

after the movie *heart break*

took a train home on my own as no one's taking the same train as me, the took a long walk home while thinking through some stuff.

and when i got home, i went to my sister's room to switch the wireless internet on, i saw this!

oh my~!

and ya... my weekends will all be "delicated" to my sister. haiz...
sadded sia~

oh well, i'm fine dont worry. dann did call me on the way home and everything's fine already.

when we i was actually leaving the cathay i thought the reason why i'm acting the way i am today.
i havent been eating well. hungry trix = unstable trix.

oh well, christmas's coming to an end soon which means i do not have to save money anymore~

argh! i wish attachment comes SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good night everyone!
sleep tight!

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