Wednesday, 3 December 2008


i dont know why but i feel sad now.
maybe i do know why.
but then again, i aint very sure.

these few days after my current mobile is seriously giving me alot of problems, i've been wanting a new mobile.
KC550 especially...

i remember the time where my chocolate was being traded in for dann's (forgot how many) previous phone.
i was super sad immmediately after we walked out of that singtel shop i remember and dann promised me to get me a new mobile phone 3 months from then.
however, as dann decided to change his job, he wasnt able to afford a new mobile for me.
despite that, dann still constantly had new mobiles which is he actually didnt pay for them lar...
... except one...
stuff and stuff...
here and there...

it's been more than a year sinced i've been stucked with this shine i'm using till now.

i miss my chocolate even though many people say it suck due to it's touch pad and horrible camera etc etc.
but seriously i like it more than a shine.
and there's people who agrees with me that even a chocolate if better than shine, ignatius.

i've been making noise about wanting a new mobile phone for days and seriously aiming mainly on KC550 and ice cream phone which have not been officially lauched in singapore.

and today, i just saw zhi hui's new mobile.
pink one somemore!
what the...

that's the thing about being rich.
you get to have anything you want just like that.
and when it comes to this,
it suck being poor.

and dann just told me that it's still irritating to read my blog and that christmas wistlist of mine is a nuisance.

after publishing this post,
i will edit my wishlist and hope that it would not be a nuisance to people any further or just minimun irritating level.

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