Saturday, 13 December 2008

bounce people bounce!

this morning sok hiang and i went down to JMD.
ok.. we both know that there isnt JMD session today DUE TO EOY~
(like what the bell lah~)

well, when we reached there we saw bryan teaching 3 juniors, desmond, ting ting and xin yan.
then soon around 12nn like that vicky came and joined.
even though bryan and jo went down for twilight sneak preview, the juniors still stayed behind and practise on their own.
though they didnt really practise practise the open house choreo as apparently no one has the song so... no song, dont know how to practise? hahaha... but they still got practise the steps and stuff like their popping, leveling and stuff...

sok hiang left at around 1 plus pm like that and a while later after she left, we all made our way to have lunch at mac as xue min wasnt here yet.

our lunch lasted for around an hour. well.. it's been a long time i talk to them, my lovely juniors, and the first time we actually talked and laughed that hard together.

after lunch we went to Blk J's level 6 some wu lu place to practise.
ok. not we, they. i just sit there watch and move my body myself. hahahaha...
and here's my lovely juniors doing their warm up!

ok.. their warm up and stretching like abit very different from ours sia~

then around 4pm like that xue min came and they finally started proper practice as xue min has the song~ fortunately~
but soon i got to go shower and make my way down to orchard for dinner with dann.

and on the train i saw this lady holding a LV bag came in at ang mo kio which is the station after i boarded the train. she sat down on the chair and ahem... this scene was right in front of me for like 3 stops?

ok... this is how she sat after like 2 stops already. the second she sat down then was horrible sia~
erm... dont know what to say liao...

so i went down to orchard and met dann for dinner at wheelock's burger king. had tendergrill burger meal with the new chocoloate pie for desert. heehee... yummy~
uncle xiang min came down soon after i finished eating and got to know some stuff...
haiz... i just wonder how can anyone get so upset over a bo liao application on facebook which doenst exactly mean anything?

so after dann went back to work, uncle xiang min accompanied me to plaza singapura as i wanted to get nail gel glue from daiso and it's SOLD OUT!!! what the... we finally squeeze through all the people and it's SOLD OUT!!! sian sia~~~

then i came home, started doing nail art which i will blog up in a few minuties...hahahaha...

so that's all for today! have fun!

(photos taken yesterday for fbodz production will be uploaded after i get some photos from jess)

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