Wednesday, 10 September 2008


hey there everyone!

today was a rather relax day
as work wasnt busy at all.

maybe only during the 4-5pm period
was a little more busy than usual.

but overall,
time passed very fast
and i did kinda enjoyed today's work.

so after work,
i met zhang wei for movie.
and we watched...

or in singapore the title is
murder of the inugami clan.

it's been a long time sinced i watched a kindaichi show.
though i still feel that kindaichi haijime's ones are nicer,
kindachi kosuke's one are nice too overall.

just when the movie ended
and when we were walking out,
i saw this man taking a mobile from a seat that was beside my seat just now.
and i am very sure that that man wasnt the guy sitting beside the lady beside me.
so immediately i aksed the lady that was sitting beside me
if she had lost her handphone.
so she searched her bag,
and also asked the guy that was with her
if he had lost his handphone.

and yes,
he did.
that handphone is his.

so i told the lady that a guy in white took it.
and that the guy was with a lady.

so they walked faster and tried to catch up with them.
so they "caught" them at the lift area
and i am very sure that that was the guy that took it.
he denied.
and as i didnt have any evidence,
i didnt dare to say that it IS him.
i only say that i saw a guy in white that was beside the lady beside him in the cinema when walking out.
the guy and lady just refused to let the guy who lost his phone to check the lady's handbag.
and i only saw the guy taking out the things from his right pocket only.

oh well,
they've decided to leave the checking to the people working at cineleisure.

zhang wei and i left.

next we went takashimaya,
where zhang wei bought his green tea milk sweet,
and we had yoshinoya for late dinner.

next stop.

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