Saturday, 27 September 2008

fly fly fly~

today is the day where nyp had it's very first japan trip after years of talk.

by now...
nyp students should be already at japan already?


really hope that they can really have fun.
hope that everything will go well.

lue song~!
zhi sen~!
jia hui~!

take more photos oh!

and the most funny present wanted
is ban theng's japan milo!

so today...
i went to school to discuss the singing stuff
sometimes i really dont know what should i do sia~

and really..
if i really can get all the juniors to give me feedback,
tell me what they are really thinking,
what they really want,
maybe things will get better?

oh well...
i dont even get to discuss things with sok hiang
neither kim kai.
and now that one is on attachment
and one is now currently in japan already...
i wonder how things get this week.

and hai...

i guess thia coming saturday
there will only be bai theng,
and bryan for seniors there ba.

not that i predict that i wont be able to wake up in time again,
but even if i do wake up in time,
i'm in hong kong.


very last minute.
just came back from my dad's house not long ago.

very happy for my dad now
as i heard from my sis
that he is able to eat already.

and my sis and i had just decided to go to hong kong
together with my dad
with my stepmom who is going to go there for business trip.

so ya...
by then i would be at hong kong.
jmd zhi ji duo duo bao zhong oh~

so ya...
back to jmd this morning.

so after discussing the stuff with them...
which we actually is still at point one...

we were supposed to have dance after that
but then as there wasnt anyone that came actually...
xiang min,
and ban theng ended up playing basketball
which zhi sen then joined them later
after his meeting with sensei.

and me?

with no one else there,
i stayed inside the clubroom playing bomberland on dann's psp.

havent finish my game.

*yeah for uncle xiang min*
cause uncle xiang min is always able to help me park the cars properly.

thank you uncle xiang min!!!

and i shall continue tomorrow!

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