Friday, 12 September 2008

searching the past.

hey everyone,
like i've been saying for the past few days
that i really want to learn,
to dance ballet again.
and i've found this teacher through in the internet
that teaches adult ballet at a few community centres.

i've been leaving messages on her tagboard
asking her more information about the classes.
so i got to know that these classes are for people age 14 and above.
after asking her on what she recommends
for this grade 6,
8 years ago should take if i were to take up her lessons.
and she replied saying that i can actually try out her class
this saturday.

and now,
i really do not know what to do.
from the photos i see of her students,
they really are adults.
but this doesnt really bothers me actually.
i do take my japanese lessons with adults too.

i think the most worrying thing is the money issue.

i really want to try out her lessons,
not only to know if her lessons are up for me,
are what i would like my lessons to be
as i may be expecting something like what mr. fan my ballet teacher taught us.
and also if i really am able to learn in such a adult environment.
but most importantly,
make sure myself that i really want this.
and also confirm if i just want to do this just as a hobby,
or even more.

being a ballerina was once my dream.
but i gave it up
when i gave up ballet 8 years ago.

but now,
it may be a little late,
but not too late.
Misty Copeland started age 13.
Melissa Hayden started age 15.

i really am still not sure about this.

but if i really want to do as a profession,
just these lessons at the community centre are not going to be enough.


oh well..
if anyone is interested in taking up ballet,
you may want to go to this link to find out more.
Dance for Life!

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