Friday, 19 September 2008

a day at my dad's place

hey everyone...
so it's almost a day over at my dad's place.

just now,
as my dad wanted to watch indiana jones
he doesnt want to watch it now this small screen of this lappy of mine
and that he has the cable to the S-Video port of laptops,
we've decided to get it a try.

and after some time,
i've figured out how to connect,
and get the display up on the television.

and tada!
below is a photo taken when we were watching indiana jones.

we didnt finish the movie
as my dad couldnt really hear what they were saying.
so we switched to get smart
as my dad wanted a comedy.
but then again,
we didnt finish the movie either.
i think the both of us just got bored watching 3/4 of the movie.


so my dad took his medicine
and went into his room
watch television,
and fell asleep like he always do.

just awhile back,
i started to get hungry.
i decided to go downstairs to get food.
and what's there?


but no choice.
and as i forgotten to my student card down,
i ended up eating happy meal.

so i bought a grilled chicken bun,
butter corn as my side,
and milk for the drink.
and as you can see,
i got myself apple pie too...
thought i would still be hungry...

oh well...
i shall go eat my happy meal while watching 无敌珊宝妹!

see you!
good night!
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