Sunday, 14 September 2008


hey there everyone!
just came back home after a day out.

we went to the festival of drum & dance
at the victoria theatre.

the performance put by by the hui li dance institute
performing chinese dances were great!
especially the last dance
named mongolia bowl dance.
wu hoo~!

the performances put up by the japanese association of singapore
were alright...
maybe it's because we've already seen those during natsu itself.

the performance put up by the japanese cultural society...
for the daiko performance
it was great!
the starting was a little dry.

as for their folk dance...
i like the music!
the dances are nice

.full stop.

i shall not comment any further.

it was a good experience.
and i seriously do hope that people
would kindly switch their mobiles to silent at such an event.

after that,
we went to suntec
and had a litttle snack at mac before the rest went to central
to wait for jessica before going for ramen.
where dann accompanied me at suntec
until it was tiem for me to go to my dad's house for dinner.

i'm kinda sad
that now i see my dad,
he's losing weight in a bad way,
hair falling...
he cant really hear,
he cant really speak,
he cant eat,
all he can take is milk.


really wish,
pray that my daddy will get well.

i really wanna see my daddy
eating all the food that he likes again.


so after dinner,
we gathered in the living room,
eating the ice cream mooncake my sis and i got for my dad
while watching 综艺大哥大 together...


*daddy get well soon...*

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