Thursday, 18 September 2008

the magic of photoshop

hey everyone!
good morning!
i'll go sleep soon...

oh well...
i was so bored just now
that i watched some videos of xia xue,
the famous blogger of singapore on youtube.

i came across one of this video of hers
that her demostrated some stuff she did on her photo
using photoshop.

so i bo liao...
cant sleep.
so i tried using whatever she taught in the video clip.

and here's some products
showing the before and after of the photos i edited.

--slimmer, eyes bigger, and i removed my dark circles.

-- slimmer, eyes bigger, boobs bigger.

--slimmer, eyes bigger, hair not that flat.

(only edited myself in the pic above)
cause dann dont really need editing...
he's like so thin already!
so i only made his eyes bigger...

oh well,
if you are interested in knowing how to do these,
you can take a look at this video of xia xue,
or find any others on youtube too.

so good night!
i'm really gonna go sleep now.

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