Tuesday, 9 September 2008


hey there everyone!

today i went to school in the afternoon
met dann for lunch
and then we watch hot shot (篮球火) together at mac.

this laptop of mine really seriously needs a re-format i guess...
keep hanging.
but the weird thing that my laptop works fine at home,
or mostly anywhere else
except in school.
it just keeps giving problems when i'm using it in school.

maybe my laptop hates the school network.

so after watching videos on my laptop,
it was almost time we had to get going
to meet the rest for movie.
so we met zhi sen, ban theng and kim kai outside clubroom,
and walked to ang mo kio hub for movie.

met up with the rest at the ticketing area before going in.

and yu hoo~
time for the movie!

sadly uncle xiang min couldnt join us
as he needs to fly to bangkok this afternoon.


never mind...
hope the dvd will be released soon,
then all of us would watch it together again.

and oh ya!
i havent mention what movie did we watched.
WE WATCHED 花より男子!!!


really nice movie.
and it certainly puts a great ending to the whole 花より男子 series.
though i didnt read the comic,
but out of the anime's ending,
taiwan's drama ending,
i guess this ending is the best.

and it's like so funny...
the scene where 司 and つくし got married.
類 was like so funny~~~
i want a screenshot of 小栗 旬 in that outfit!!!

so after the movie,
gerry went home for dinner
whereas the rest of us went to S11 for dinner.


it was a great day,
great movie,
just that i'm still kinda disappointed that uncle xiang min couldnt watch with us.

*hope uncle xiang min can no need to keep flying around*

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