Sunday, 7 September 2008

back from suntec dance 2008

hey there everyone!

when today,
or rather yesterday,
i went to watch the dance competition at suntec city
together with merloin, steve, OZ, emily, jasmine, kim kai, byran and Jo.

when we first got to suntec,
we went to the fountain of wealth
which was where the competition was held.
go went in as the door was opened
and the weird thing was
the person in charge actually said
"i dont how on did you people get in here..."
like duh~
the door was opened!

oh well...
so we went mac for somew drinks and ice cream
until 6pm where the door is officially opened.

so we sat down and waited for the competition to start.
on the posters up on walls of suntec city,
it states that the competition will start at 5.30pm.
the person in charge told us to come back at 6pm.
we expected delay,
so we estimated around 6.30pm.
in the end,
the opening was at around 7.15pm.
and after the opening,
we had to wait again.
then after all the introduction of judges and sponsers etc,
the competition started i think around 7.45pm?

the kids were like sooooo cute lah!
i like the 3rd girl.
cant remember her name.
but then wu hoo~!
she's good!!!!

and so were many non-kids soloist.
and like i was saying that i wanna have a dance
of a fusion of ballet and hip-hop,
i just saw one right infront of my eyes hours ago.

aiming to get there done.
even if i have no one else to perform with me,
or no chance to perform it,
i still wanna choreo one.
my own achievement.

we only watched 2 of the groups performances
due to the heavy rain.
we left after watching foreign bodies' performance.
heard that andee forgot steps
but then i couldnt see as someone's umberlla was blocking my view.

but overall,
it's still a nice performance for all.

oh man i wanna know the results~~~
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