Monday, 29 September 2008


hey there people!

like i blogged,
i am going to hong kong this week
and wahahaha
got to extend my passport.
so i went to ICA building to get it extend this afternoon.

i went there and the lady at the information counter
told me that i cant extend my passport
*oh sharks*
then she told me that even if i do extend my passport
i cant use that passport of mine
*oh great sharks!*

so in the end after some talkin with her
she ask me to have an interview with the officier
and let her make the decision.

and so...
there was 10 people in the queue
waiting for their interview before mine.

played diner dash.
and yeah!
i finally cleared one level.
but ya.
currently (still) stuck at at the next.

so after the interview
she decided to give me a one trip pass
which costs me $15

wait again...
so ya...
continue with diner dash.
but i got bored so i played almost every game i have in my mobile phone.
skipping stone,
LG mini game,
etc etc...

so i paid for my pass
and yeah~
i had to wait for another hour and a half for it to be ready.

so i took a bus to bugis,
bought myself korean rice cake
as i just couldnt bring myself to eat a proper meal alone.

kinda think about it,
it's been a long time sinced i eat alone outside.

so ya...
i bought my rice cake,
walked over to bugis street to find my mom.
and the funny thing was that my own mom
who sees me everyday
did not recognise me!


so ya...
didnt have much time
so i just took a short walk around bugis street level2
then i took a bus back to ICA building to collect my pass.

back there...
wait again...
wait for my queue number to be called.


and after like 30 mins,
i got my pass
which was just a paper with my photo sticked on it!!!

wait SSSSSSOOOOOO long for a piece of paper.


so after that i made my way to danny's place
we watched a little of american idol season ?'s auditon.
it was freaking funny lor...
how could some people sing like that
and still argue with the judges that they have a great voice.

*shake head*

some people just couldnt hear themselves i guess...

so later on dann and i went over to the CC
where we board the bus to bukit gombak sports conplex for their basketball match.

we were early so we were able to watch other 2 teams play.
one is pungol (hope i didnt spell wrongly).
and the other...
i dont remember.
pungol won.

and canberra VS hougang,
(hope i didnt spell wrongly again)

and this means that the next match
it would be canberra VS pungol.


pungol and hougang's 3-points shots like free-flow one lor~
*and another chop!!!*

oh well...
though i didnt really get to see dann play
cause he was mostly like a monkey running all over the place in high speed
and jumping and jumping and jumping for rebounds!


oh well...
dann agrees with that,
dont you?

so after that match,
we took the bus back
and dann and i have chicken chop rice for late dinner/early supper
super full....
too much rice~

but oh well..
it was still a nice day afterall...
just hope that i dont have to wait so long again
when i collect my new passport.

and last night,
more details for the japanese idol competition is out!

Prizes for "Japanese Idol" - 4th to 19th Oct (every Sat&Sun), from 17:30 to 19:00
1st Prize : A pair of return airtickets to Japan.
2nd Prize : Luxurious trip to Bintan for 2 (ferry + accomodation)
3rd Prize : Shopping vouchers from CENTRAL (upto S$500)
Weekly winner : Shopping vouchers from CENTRAL (upto S$500)

actually i did sign up for this competition weeks ago
but i have yet to receive my confirmed time slot
and that i just to know that they extended the dateline to this wednesday, 1oct
i seriously dont know when would we receive my time slot
when the male solo is on 4 oct
and female solo on the 5 oct.

oh well...
i'll just come back,
check my email,
and go for the competition.


get weekly prize also good lah...
just go join for fun.
anyway also no need money.

seems like they are still in need of people
for both japanese idol competition
and cosplay competition.
for more details,
please follow this link to sgcafe.

so good night people!
sweet dreams!

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