Tuesday, 2 September 2008


i'm bored...
wanted to just come library
and return the honey dvd i borrowed yesterday
and watch drama
while waiting for dann and zhi sen to discuss some thing...

but then...
i'm like waiting and waiting...
cause too many people are using the internet in school today i guess...
it loads super slowly...

just surf the internet,
see some people's friendster photos,
and read some people's blog.

just read dar's blog too...
i just wanna say
that dont be sad
or feel bad
then you've made many cried,
or just anybody cried.
and really,
i meant whatever i've tagged on your tagboard.
though things didnt work out eventually,
but i really enjoyed the times we were together.
not only when we were couples,
but also really enjoyed the times
when your were just my "god-brother" too.

and again,
crying doesnt mean that things had gone wrong.

learn to cry again ba...


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