Monday, 15 September 2008

SJCC Mid-Atummn Celebration photos

here's dann and uncle xiang min
busy preparing the lanterns
for jasmin,
and of course themselves.

the view of the big full moon
from Nanyang Polytechnic
in between Blk M and N.

the one right on top is the moon,
below it to the left is just reflection captured by my mobile's camera
and one bottom left is the spot light at the tennis court.

uncle xiang min caught in action
doing "i forgot what"

sorry uncle xiang min,
the nicely posed photo is very pixelated.
so i posted this up instead.

here's a bottom-up view of dann
when he was talking to momo.

here's our september babies!!!
(jojo not included)
jia hui on the right,
and bryan in the middle!!!

happy early birthday!!!

and here's there birthday cake!!!
i ate a little bite though...

everyone happy with chocolate cake can liao.

and here's the sparkle head
and was actually used to put roxas's wig
during the cosplay arts festival period.

and here's a candle lit SJCC sign on the floor!!!

*didnt take photo of the lanterns hang around*
*as most of them were burned before i could take one*
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