Friday, 5 September 2008

cross ballet and hip-hop

hey everyone~
all i can say is that i am really mising ballet more and more
each and every minute i guess.

a couple of hours back
where i was on the train
on my way back home
while playing diner dash on my mobile phone,
i suddenly have this idea
of choreographing a dance
that is actually a combination of both hip-hop and ballet

and hopefully,
it would turn out like what i want it to be,
like the fusion of ballet and hip-hop in a certain nike commerical.

i watched some videos on youtube,
and i found this video below that reall caught my attention.
i dont foresee myself being able to choreo something like that,
neither do i have the confidence to put it out into action.

but then again,
i'll have to wait till i do have the choreo out first,
and get people to want to do it second.

so enjoy this video clip!
it's really VERY GOOD!!!

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