Wednesday, 17 September 2008

oh~ mama mia!

hey everyone!
today i didnt go for work
as i think i got too angry at my mom
my chest pain issue was back.


so i rested like half the day
woke up,
ate a little with my sis while watching television together...
it's been a long time
sinced we last sat around the small little chairs we have
eating while watching television at the same time.

so after that,
i went out to meet dann.
we went to S11 for chicken rice dinner
then we met jasmine at fairprice to get drinks and snacks
then met uncle xiang min at the ticketing area for a movie.
and what did we watched?


mama mia!!!


it is a nice movie
and at first i thought that i would be wanting to go to the toilet in between the movie
as the movie was almost 2 hours long,
but the movie was so good
that i kinda totally forgot that i wanna go to the toilet
when actually i wanted to go
not long after we've sat down.

towards the end of the movie,
dann told me that the musical was nicer.
but then for a movie,
it is already very good.

so i just found some photos of the musical
while exploring the official web site for mama mia the movie.

and here's some photos!





~germany (if i didnt remember wrongly)


really hope to have a chance to watch it.
but for now...
the movie is great enough!

so go people!
catch it tomorrow when it's out!!!

good night!

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