Monday, 15 September 2008

SJCC Mid-Atummn Festival Celebration!!!

hey people!
just came home not long ago from school.

sakuran japanese cultural club had a little celebration for 中秋节.
a really little one.

so i met dann at clubroom
after getting the paper lanterns
that i could finally find at ang mo kio central.
we went to mac for dinner
while waiting for jasmine, emily and uncle xiang min.

we were almost stuck to the television
as it was showing the drama on channel 8 at 7pm.
and we were like commenting on that horrible woman in the show.

i really wonder why nowadays
it's mostly the woman in the shows that are the most scary,
the most horrible,
the most hated character in the show.
it just make me feel like as if many woman are really so scary,
and hated in actual life.


so we went up to the garden area for a little celebration
together with other SJCC members.


not many people came though...

oh well,
it was another good time to just gather together.
it doesnt have to be really a whole club event
but at least we get to really sit down
and spend time with people around us.

good night people!!!

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