Wednesday, 24 September 2008

1000th post.

this is my 1000th post on this blog
kinda hard to believe it's only tha 1000th post
as i'vce been bloggin sinced 2004
which is like 4 years or so...
and i ONLY HAVE 1000 POSTS!!!????

super slack sia~


but then again,
when i started out
i still keep a diary as i believe that there are always things i wanna remember
and not share it with the whole world.
some things are meant to be kept alone.

but now,
my diary is like collecting dust somewhere
and i remember i bought it at quite an expensive price
as it is a book
with pictures drawn by gigi leong yong qi
and a famous taiwanese writer.
i cant find the book now
so ya...
i dont remember the name of her.

but oh well...


i was just reading fidelis's blog just now.
and i see the bento-s she made for leon again.
then i think of the "bento" i made for dann last year.
he said that he will send me the photo of it
but until now,
all he sent me was a photo of the worm
found in his wan ton mee during lunch then.
and where on earth is the photos now?
ah ha!
good question!

i've always wanted to make lunch for him again,
but then...
later he will say my food not nice again.
meat the taste didnt go in lah...
veg too soft lah...
eggs too dry lah...
the only thing that passed
i think was the rice ba.
not too hard,
not too soft.



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